Apricot splits…

I am sorry to report that Apricot, our American contributor and resident Georgia peach, has announced that she will be leaving SL for a period. Apparently this comes in the wake of an in world incident wherein ‘voice’ was being utilised’.


‘I found the experience creepy, sleazy and disturbing’, she reports. While she wasn’t using voice, the other party was, and Apricot said it was unnerving. This did not take place within the SL naturist community.

I hope that, having taken a break, Apricot decides to come back to SL and also to contribute to SLN. Her views were refreshingly different from those of expressed by we Brits on the staff, and which I often recognise means the blog takes on a Euro-centric feel from time to time. We shall replace Apricot’s voice on the blog in due course.

This seems like a timely reminder to everyone to take care of your personal internet safety in SL. Don’t give out phone numbers, email addresses, or real life photos of any description. If you don’t wish to ‘voice’, don’t voice. You have control over what you want to do or don’t want to do, and be sure to tp out of a situation you find distasteful and never be afraid to mute the person who wants you to do things you aren’t comfortable with. I’ve done this on several occasions, even with people I regarded as long standing platonic SL friends. I don’t cyber, my profile makes this clear in several languages, and I’m not afraid to use the mute button if someone hasn’t the intelligence to read and digest my profile, regardless of how long I’ve known them.

It’s a game, but there’s still creeps out there. Stay safe.



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