St. Patrick’s Day…a time for the (non) wearing of the Green

bluelagoonstpats1 bluelagoonstpats2 bluelagoonstpats3 bluelagoonstpats4 bluelagoonstpats5 bluelagoonstpats6
I’ve just come away from the Blue Lagoon St. Patrick’s weekend dance, and one thing’s certain. In SL and in RL, we naturists sure know how to dress up (!) and party!!!!!

Not dress up too much, you understand. A hat and a pair of green bikini briefs are all that are required (at most).

We’ll be trying to keep up with SL’s naturist St. Patrick’s parties over the weekend (if we can), but one thing’s certain….Blue Lagoon (or should that be Green Lagoon this weekend?) have certainly kicked it off in style.


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