The Festival of Holi (2)

Just a quick reminder that there’s about three hours to go until a Festival of Holi naturist event begins in SL. I wrote about it, complete with link to the sim in question and the start times, yesterday.

Then, I wasn’t sure if it was a naturist event and countenanced caution on tp-ing into it.

Since then, Gray Muircastle has kindly informed me that it is naturist, so be sure to wear that suit you got on your birthday!

I popped over there earlier and I noted that there already ‘free gifts’ available in the form of transparent, paint splattered ‘clothing’. Ideal for when the paint starts to fly. The effect of wearing these ‘clothes’ (L$0) can be seen in the photos I then grabbed while wearing them.

ella holi paints2_001b ella holi paints3_001b
I’m really rather excited about this event. It looks like it could be a whole heap of fun!

It’s being hosted by Virginia Lupindo, who also hosts her own blog page (in Italian & English), and on the page you can read about how donations at this event will help with educational projects in India.

virginia lupindob

Virginia Lupindo

While researching this post I somehow came across the following photograph…



I’m guessing this is from a WNBR event, rather than a Holi event, but if you compare my inworld photos with this one, there’s not much difference, is there? It all rather looks as though we’re in for a fun and messy evening.

Did I mention I was excited?

Three hours to go. See you there.




St Patrick’s Day…a time for the (non) wearing of the green (2)

I went to Commune Utopia’s Friday night dance last night. Not as much bare flesh as previously, and certainly not as much as Diane experienced mid-week. It happens.

But it got me thinking on naturist ‘etiquette’, which I’ll come back to in a moment.

commune friday 13 mrch4_001b commune friday 13 mrch5_001b commune friday 13 mrch7_001b
As you can see, there was a terrific particle generator at work, creating a beautiful coloured and atmospheric sky. And the crowd danced. And the music was excellent.

The idea is to wear something green for these St. Patrick’s events, as my post from Blue Lagoon’s St. Patrick’s Party showed.

I dug through my messy wardrobe, aka my inventory, and found a shamrock print matching set of bra and panties. So…on with the lingerie and off to the dance. It may strike you as odd 🙂 but while dancing it occurred that I was dancing in my undies. Had the set come marked ‘bikini’ I wouldn’t have flinched, but marked as ‘bra’ and ‘panties’? No…it didn’t feel right.

I have felt similar feelings in RL too. A couple of years ago we spent the afternoon, fully nude, on the beach with some of our friends. We arranged to go for dinner. Due to the fact that we have children to manage, I was running a little late in getting ready when they arrived to collect us to go to the restaurant. Mr. Keng opened the door while I was scurrying around in my underwear and trying to iron a dress I wanted to wear. Even though we’d spent all afternoon nude together, it somehow felt wrong to be standing there in my undies, and I ducked into the bathroom to put on my dress. Weird? Strange? You tell me! Do any of you ever get feelings of the dress code not being quite right, even within naturism?

Which brings me back to naturist etiquette. I’m new to the Commune, so the idea would be to ‘fit in’ rather than ‘stand out’. As the crowd weren’t nude, as it’s not a fully naturist venue, I didn’t feel it was my place to take the lead and strip off my undies which, as I say, felt stranger than if I’d been fully nude. I followed others’ example. Which is fine. I have got nice clothes in my messy wardrobe inventory and it’s nice to give them an airing from time to time. I’m not militantly naturist 🙂 I get dressed and buy more clothes in SL more often than you might imagine.

My point is this: We’ve been on holiday in the past where an FKK beach has been labelled. We’ve got there first thing in the morning and there’s a textile couple over there, a textile family over there. Our immediate thought is that maybe we’ve read the sign wrongly, or misunderstood directions, and so we use the beach as textiles. Others arrive on the beach and use it as textiles as well.

Later the same week we meet up with friends and they say ‘we should go to Beach X’. Oh no, we say, we were there earlier in the week and it’s textile.

Oh no it’s not, our friends say.

So we all head off to the beach and there’s a textile couple over there, a textile family over there. Our friends strip off and we, cautiously, follow suit. Well…maybe I go topless but our bottom halves remain in place. Next thing we know, the textile couple over there are naked, the textile family over there are in the process of getting naked and we’re also in the process of getting those bottom halves removed. Other people arrive on the beach and they, too, go naked without comment.

It seems, to me, that if someone takes a lead, others will follow where naturism is concerned. People have fewer hang ups about nudity than they did decades ago, when naturists were corralled into small sections of beach. Now, topless is almost de rigour on many beaches, with frowns of disapproval if anyone dares to wear a bikini top. Occasionally, we drive along Spain’s beautiful coast and find an isolated beach. These days, knowing that the right to go naked anywhere in Spain is enshrined in the country’s constitution, we’re more relaxed about going nude immediately. More often than not we have the beach to ourselves. Occasionally, someone turns up and waves approvingly or even drop their clothing there and then for their own skinny dip and sunbathe. Someone leads and others follow.

Have you ever had experiences of taking a naturist lead, or following a textile lead? Let me know.





Naturist cliche

What do we naturists do?

According to the British media (yours may be different, but somehow I doubt it), we ‘frolic’, we ‘romp’ and we ‘cavort’.

I have no idea how many stories I’ve read in a lazy media wherein we naturists do these things prior to some lazy pun being rolled out about our ‘bare cheek’ next to a photo of someone’s bum.

Clearly, standards which were never very high in the first place have dropped in journalism school.

I like poses. All of us at SLN like poses, because they bring life to the photos we publish here.

So when I saw Ella’s post earlier about the ‘naked selfies’ pose available at the Peeps Fashion cart at Fab Free HQ, all priced at L$10, I knew I had to hop over there and see if there were any I could use for my SLN photos.

How could I not buy a pose called ‘cavorting’? 🙂

It’s what we naturists do. So here’s a photo of my SL friend Leeroy and I ‘cavorting’.



After all these years, I finally know what ‘naturist cavorting’ looks like, lol.

I picked up another pose called BFF from the same cart. I had to look up what this acronym means. Despite seeing it written around on social media, I was never absolutely certain what it meant. I’d assumed it to be ‘best female friend’ for some reason. Don’t laugh: when I first started using the internet and smartphones I though ‘lol’ meant ‘lots of love’. 😦 Yeah, you’re absolutely correct. There were situations where I was texting and it was highly inappropriate. ‘Just to report that Granny is in a coma. Thinking of you. LOL’ was not, I would guess, my finest texting hour. 😦

I’ve been wary of these shorthand acronyms ever since, so I checked, and found that it isn’t ‘best female friend’, but ‘best friends forever’. It all seems a bit 15 years old and slightly nauseating to me. You know those BFFs are never going to speak again a year from now after a boyfriend dumps one for the other, right?

I have to say that ‘BFF’ probably isn’t for the likes of Ella’s and my age group, but when she popped online when I was writing this post, I sent her a tp and….well, here’s another nice pose from Peeps Fashion.



Right after I took the photo I decided I need to see a hairdresser. I look like I’ve just woken up. It’s also time to retire a very pale winter skin, so I hopped over to 7 Deadly Skins, picked up the March gift, and it has added just a nicer, spring like tone. Not desperately ‘tanned’, it’s too early for that yet, but it did make me look as if I’ve seen the sun recently.



Nue York

‘Hey Ella, here’s something you and your staff should do!’ an avatar called Dave IM’ed me.

A hyperlink led to the website of Erica Simone and specifically a gallery of a project she has done called ‘Nue York’, a nice play on words for someone who says she’s a Parisienne living in New York -the French word ‘nue’ means ‘naked’ or ‘bare’.

With a tripod and a couple ounces of adrenaline, I took to the busy streets to get a taste of New York in the nude.

The point is not to be nude for shock value. I am simply an artist looking to humorously poke at some interesting thoughts about society and question who we are and embody as human beings inhabiting this home we call Earth. It’s now up to you to answer or raise these questions, as you like, Erica writes on her website.

Thoughts about society and questioning who we are? Yes. That pretty much grasps the nettle of where we are, as naked human beings, in 2015 and of how taught ‘values’ impose themselves on us as people, and of how centuries old attitudes to the naked form in life can thrill, delight, shock, disgust or force legislators into action to limit or even outlaw the very core of our existence – a naked body.

We all know Pastor Niemoller’s poem, don’t we?

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Written about Germany’s intellectuals failure to halt Nazism’s rise, and erasing of groups they opposed, it remains a powerful statement. But I am always aware that there are right-wing horrors out there in the world who would see us, naturists, as ‘degenerate’. They are wrong. We remain God’s, Allah’s, Buddha’s, Krishna’s, Evolution’s greatest invention and we are all beautiful. All beautiful naked.

Which is why these pages will often see us, individually or collectively, railing against the oppression of other groups. Women being subjected to FGM (female genital mutilation). Gay people being bullied, harassed or victimised. Inequality over the exposure of nipples. Facebook’s ridiculous policy of permitting beheading videos while barring breastfeeding mothers. Even naturists being seen as weird, strange or disgusting. It’s up to us as a lifestyle group to protect our own rights, and those of others because if we don’t, and right-wing loons, from ISIL to Rush Limbaugh to Fox News get their way, gays will be harried out of existence, along with peace loving Muslims living in America (or Britain), Jews victimised (anti semitic attacks are on the rise in the UK) and the rest of it. We, naturists, stand for our fellow men and women and their right to exist. In same sex marriages, in American mosques, in a state called Israel.

The naturist philosophy is simple: exist with nature and with fellow man. It’s a holistic lifestyle at its very best, not simply the act of removing one’s clothes. For our time on this earth ‘leave only footprints, take only memories/photographs’ is a good way of describing how we, naturists, should behave.

So those are the questions that Erica’s artist statement, in respect of her Nue York project, begin to raise in me. You, I imagine, will have your own set of questions and answers.

As usual in posts like this, I avoid using the artist’s work as the images will be subject to copyright, so if you wish to see some of Erica’s work, I suggest you follow the link to her website. And as usual in situations like these, we try to capture a sense of ‘SL replicating RL’. I wish Harry was back: such SL photos were his forte. That’s not to disrespect Diane’s work, as she’s done a good job on creating a ‘Nue York’ scene of her own in the following photo.

statue of liberty_001b



A solution to ‘revenge porn naked selfies’? Hmmm…I’m not quite sure about that.

Earlier in the week I was referencing the ‘naked selfie’ phenomenon, and it occurred that I didn’t get into the flip side of that – revenge porn.

This is a situation wherein a photo, which may be a selfie, or one taken during a risqué photo shoot with a significant other is often shared online when the relationship turns sour. You dump the guy for being an idiot, terrible in bed, having bad breath, spending more time at a basketball/soccer game than he does with you and…there you are, online in your birthday suit or lingerie, downloaded and shared, and now in a position where you have no control over that image ever again. It will be out there, being shared around, forever.

I was speaking to someone in SL yesterday when the topic came up, and this person told me that she gets asked to pose for photos of a risqué nature by boyfriends. ‘I’m in the dating game after divorce, and I’m just blown away by how much of a thing it seems to be ‘, she told me. ‘You know, guys in their 50s and 60s who want me to do a nude shot in the bathroom mirror and send it to them. It’s kind of weird. Weirder when these men claim that some women send photos unsolicited, like it’s a business card or something, lol. It’s not just teenagers, it’s women my age’. (The avatar I was speaking to is 53 in real life).

At 53, though, she was old enough to remember MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction-  a policy of the Cold War, wherein a nuclear strike by a superpower (in those days, the USA and Soviet Union) would be met with a retaliatory strike by the other superpower, leading to the destruction of both. And she was toying with the idea of her and a boyfriend taking a nude photo together and sharing them on their cellphones. That way, the guy got his nude pic of her, but she had ‘insurance‘. If it turned up on line, she could release the photo of him naked too: mutually assured destruction.

I thought it wasn’t such a well thought through idea. After all, the photo could be circulating for years before she’d even have her attention drawn to it. It’s not like the guy was going to text her to say ‘hey, I’ve released that pic of you in your birthday suit onto the internet’. The only ‘mad’ I see here is that anyone is mad enough to do naked selfies.

I could never do that, and I’m in a 10 year old marriage that shows no sign of flagging: we’re destined to be old, wrinkly naturists together on some beach in Florida in our twilight years, I expect. I could never do it because of concerns over digital file sharing safety. Would I take a photo of me in my underwear and send it to my husband knowing that his phone could be lost or stolen? Think it through, ladies! There is no ‘insurance’. Those photos could still circulate. Do you trust ‘the cloud’? Let’s ask Jennifer Lawrence… and others.

Whatever I say isn’t going to change attitudes. Today, in your town, someone is going to take a nude or semi-nude ‘selfie’ and send it to someone else.

The idea is, to me, exceptionally silly.

But as I said earlier this week, and previously on SL Naturist, there’s plenty of opportunities to even do naked selfies in SL.

Fab Free is holding one of its regular ‘Cart Sales’, and the Peeps Fashion cart contains a pose (L$10) which allows you and a significant other to do that photo together (hey, you can even keep your clothes on if your wish!) with…er…’insurance’ that isn’t really insurance.

selfie1_001b selfie2_001b