Naturist cliche

What do we naturists do?

According to the British media (yours may be different, but somehow I doubt it), we ‘frolic’, we ‘romp’ and we ‘cavort’.

I have no idea how many stories I’ve read in a lazy media wherein we naturists do these things prior to some lazy pun being rolled out about our ‘bare cheek’ next to a photo of someone’s bum.

Clearly, standards which were never very high in the first place have dropped in journalism school.

I like poses. All of us at SLN like poses, because they bring life to the photos we publish here.

So when I saw Ella’s post earlier about the ‘naked selfies’ pose available at the Peeps Fashion cart at Fab Free HQ, all priced at L$10, I knew I had to hop over there and see if there were any I could use for my SLN photos.

How could I not buy a pose called ‘cavorting’? 🙂

It’s what we naturists do. So here’s a photo of my SL friend Leeroy and I ‘cavorting’.



After all these years, I finally know what ‘naturist cavorting’ looks like, lol.

I picked up another pose called BFF from the same cart. I had to look up what this acronym means. Despite seeing it written around on social media, I was never absolutely certain what it meant. I’d assumed it to be ‘best female friend’ for some reason. Don’t laugh: when I first started using the internet and smartphones I though ‘lol’ meant ‘lots of love’. 😦 Yeah, you’re absolutely correct. There were situations where I was texting and it was highly inappropriate. ‘Just to report that Granny is in a coma. Thinking of you. LOL’ was not, I would guess, my finest texting hour. 😦

I’ve been wary of these shorthand acronyms ever since, so I checked, and found that it isn’t ‘best female friend’, but ‘best friends forever’. It all seems a bit 15 years old and slightly nauseating to me. You know those BFFs are never going to speak again a year from now after a boyfriend dumps one for the other, right?

I have to say that ‘BFF’ probably isn’t for the likes of Ella’s and my age group, but when she popped online when I was writing this post, I sent her a tp and….well, here’s another nice pose from Peeps Fashion.



Right after I took the photo I decided I need to see a hairdresser. I look like I’ve just woken up. It’s also time to retire a very pale winter skin, so I hopped over to 7 Deadly Skins, picked up the March gift, and it has added just a nicer, spring like tone. Not desperately ‘tanned’, it’s too early for that yet, but it did make me look as if I’ve seen the sun recently.



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