St Patrick’s Day…a time for the (non) wearing of the green (2)

I went to Commune Utopia’s Friday night dance last night. Not as much bare flesh as previously, and certainly not as much as Diane experienced mid-week. It happens.

But it got me thinking on naturist ‘etiquette’, which I’ll come back to in a moment.

commune friday 13 mrch4_001b commune friday 13 mrch5_001b commune friday 13 mrch7_001b
As you can see, there was a terrific particle generator at work, creating a beautiful coloured and atmospheric sky. And the crowd danced. And the music was excellent.

The idea is to wear something green for these St. Patrick’s events, as my post from Blue Lagoon’s St. Patrick’s Party showed.

I dug through my messy wardrobe, aka my inventory, and found a shamrock print matching set of bra and panties. So…on with the lingerie and off to the dance. It may strike you as odd 🙂 but while dancing it occurred that I was dancing in my undies. Had the set come marked ‘bikini’ I wouldn’t have flinched, but marked as ‘bra’ and ‘panties’? No…it didn’t feel right.

I have felt similar feelings in RL too. A couple of years ago we spent the afternoon, fully nude, on the beach with some of our friends. We arranged to go for dinner. Due to the fact that we have children to manage, I was running a little late in getting ready when they arrived to collect us to go to the restaurant. Mr. Keng opened the door while I was scurrying around in my underwear and trying to iron a dress I wanted to wear. Even though we’d spent all afternoon nude together, it somehow felt wrong to be standing there in my undies, and I ducked into the bathroom to put on my dress. Weird? Strange? You tell me! Do any of you ever get feelings of the dress code not being quite right, even within naturism?

Which brings me back to naturist etiquette. I’m new to the Commune, so the idea would be to ‘fit in’ rather than ‘stand out’. As the crowd weren’t nude, as it’s not a fully naturist venue, I didn’t feel it was my place to take the lead and strip off my undies which, as I say, felt stranger than if I’d been fully nude. I followed others’ example. Which is fine. I have got nice clothes in my messy wardrobe inventory and it’s nice to give them an airing from time to time. I’m not militantly naturist 🙂 I get dressed and buy more clothes in SL more often than you might imagine.

My point is this: We’ve been on holiday in the past where an FKK beach has been labelled. We’ve got there first thing in the morning and there’s a textile couple over there, a textile family over there. Our immediate thought is that maybe we’ve read the sign wrongly, or misunderstood directions, and so we use the beach as textiles. Others arrive on the beach and use it as textiles as well.

Later the same week we meet up with friends and they say ‘we should go to Beach X’. Oh no, we say, we were there earlier in the week and it’s textile.

Oh no it’s not, our friends say.

So we all head off to the beach and there’s a textile couple over there, a textile family over there. Our friends strip off and we, cautiously, follow suit. Well…maybe I go topless but our bottom halves remain in place. Next thing we know, the textile couple over there are naked, the textile family over there are in the process of getting naked and we’re also in the process of getting those bottom halves removed. Other people arrive on the beach and they, too, go naked without comment.

It seems, to me, that if someone takes a lead, others will follow where naturism is concerned. People have fewer hang ups about nudity than they did decades ago, when naturists were corralled into small sections of beach. Now, topless is almost de rigour on many beaches, with frowns of disapproval if anyone dares to wear a bikini top. Occasionally, we drive along Spain’s beautiful coast and find an isolated beach. These days, knowing that the right to go naked anywhere in Spain is enshrined in the country’s constitution, we’re more relaxed about going nude immediately. More often than not we have the beach to ourselves. Occasionally, someone turns up and waves approvingly or even drop their clothing there and then for their own skinny dip and sunbathe. Someone leads and others follow.

Have you ever had experiences of taking a naturist lead, or following a textile lead? Let me know.





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