Why should you feel uncomfortable?



During research for some posts, I ended up on one or two tumblr sites, where the image above seems to be doing the rounds. You know my views on this 🙂

How people choose to tend their ‘lady garden’ is a matter of personal choice, and I’m not about to project my own opinions onto that. What I will say is that it’s an exceptionally weird world that quantifies pubic hair as a ‘fetish’. No, it’s not. It’s natural. If there’s a ‘fetish’ at work, it’s those who are militantly opposed to its presence and regard it as ‘yucky’. Wrong.

I’ll take this post from an SL perspective, something that I think often reflects RL attitudes in so many ways. Six years ago, the presence of pubic hair on either sex was rare. This probably represented the zeitgeist of the time in RL (as well as maybe being seen as an unnecessary ‘luxury’ on which to spend Linden dollars). Today? The sims contain rather more evidence of the lady, or gentleman, garden in place. Not often a wild jungle, but a trimmed, neat and well-maintained lady garden nonetheless.

We’ve written about this before. I suspect we will again.

Let me ask you, though (male or female avatar): have you now begun to maintain an SL lady or gent garden? And is this reflective of RL trends?


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