My 2015 naturist season has begun :)

ella garden2_001b ella garden3_001b


I’m delighted to say that my 2015 naturist season began 40 minutes ago! 🙂

Laugh at my foolhardiness, or gasp with admiration, but the thermometer on the wall outside our back door is reading 13 degrees. There’s no breeze, and the sun is out. So what else would I choose to do other than make a cup of tea, and slip outside as nature intended for 30 minutes under a pleasant sun on an agreeably pleasant spring day. 13 degrees did not feel cold, chilly or anything unpleasant.

It was quite unexpected, but welcome nonetheless. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things. No one home but me, the garden looked inviting, and…well..why not?

I could have sat longer were it nor for the fact that I’ve got RL work to do, and a school run in about an hour. It simply felt good to be alive at the end of a long winter, and know that from here, the weather will only be getting better, with more opportunities for more RL naturism. Here’s hoping your 2015 naturist season begins soon.



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