Our new photographer

Despite making good progress following illness, Harry told me a while back that he won’t be returning to SLN. ‘I can maybe manage ten minutes here and there on SL’, he wrote in an email, ‘but I’ve retired from my job on health grounds and am looking forward to a bit more in the way of fresh air and family time than I’ve had for a long time. The computer comes a long way down my list of priorities’.

There will always be an open contribution for Harry to contribute, but of course we respect that decision, and health matters always take top priority.

We wish Harry well in his retirement. I can’t thank him enough for his contributions to SLN almost from the start of the blog, and the work he provided which sometimes inspired me to provide words when I didn’t have the inspiration to post.

We’ve still got Diane operating as a staff photographer, but SLN is a team effort. By all adding little bits, we keep the blog ticking over. It couldn’t possibly be a single-handed effort, and the more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned, with all of us pitching ideas in left, right and centre.

My RL Spanish friend, Jose, was keen to assist on the photography end of things, but he has just begun a new job and his SL time is once again limited. As a result I’ve found another new photographer who, I think, will be able to provide us with a rich vein of material, and take the pressure off Diane to produce great SLN photos. As you’ve probably noticed, where the likes of Pookes and I have added our own, they’ve come across as little more than holiday snaps, as we don’t really see scenes with a photographer’s eye (as important in SL as it is in RL, I would suggest).

The thing about Hugh’s contributions are that he hasn’t come into this as a SL or RL naturist, so his photos have had less emphasis on the naturist lifestyle, more on capturing ‘mood’.

He has, however, been reading SLN 🙂 and begun checking out some of the landmarks and sims we’ve linked to, so some naturist photography is beginning to drift back towards my in-tray.

By way of introduction, then, I’m offering a selection of his photos, all of which were taken in and around the Blue Lagoon, part of the Eden Estate. ‘An exceptionally friendly bunch who made me feel most welcome’, he tells me.

blue lagoon lighthouse2_001b

blue lagoon lighthouse3_001b

blue lagoon palms_001b

blue lagoon lights_001-002

blue lagoon lighthouse_001b

stone seats blue lagoon_001b

‘I’ve just gone for ‘mood‘ at Blue Lagoon. Yes, I did take some photos of some gorgeous looking avatars, but I’d like their permission to use their image prior to posting those’.

BL bar_001c

BL lights_001bc

blue lagoon_001-004c


‘I think that the photo that you are publishing of the dancers is probably enough to ensure that their anonymity is maintained, at least until such time as I get their permission’.

Ella was speaking to Hugh

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