I don’t post that regularly on the blog and when I do it’s almost certainly to do with the ‘older avatar’.

Second Life is ‘Neverland’, where no one has to grow up, and we find that many more mature people wear young looking avatars. Similarly, there’s a minority whose avatars reflect their age, and in terms of providing diversity to the game, they’re absolutely gorgeous. I just wish more skin designers would maybe reflect that in their wares. The appearance of older avatars enriches the game.

While reading the blog the other evening I spotted a post by Diane, wherein she compared a Helmut Newton photograph to clothing items offered by Ydea.

Reference to the Ydea freebies was almost a throwaway, but freebie clothes? I had to check that out.

I’m so glad I did, because there’s a massive box of all their past group gifts (all L$o) that I’m working my through. The real delight is that many of the items fit an older avatar’s style really well, so ten out of ten to Ydea for doing that!

Furthermore, to be strictly accurate, an older avatar will be slightly more on the ‘fuller’ size. I try to keep my shape in proportion to the real me, and the reality of many other ladies my age (late 50s). Astonishingly, Ydea’s mesh size L (large) fits perfectly, when some mesh clothing by other designers doesn’t even work at an XL size, so ten out of ten again.

barbara ydea_001b

barbara ydea2_001b


I’ve photographed a couple of the outfits to give you an idea of what I mean. The top outfit looks a bit ‘frumpy’. That’s no disrespect to Ydea whatsoever, in fact I adore the fact that the blouse’s pattern is fitting to some women of a certain age. More of this sort of thing, please! 🙂

The bottom one is more modern in delivery. Again, it’s something that some ladies of a certain age (i.e. mine) could get away with wearing. Personally, I’d wear it with a bit more length, but the knitted dress/scarf ensemble is definitely my sort of look. I adore both of these outfits and can’t wait to see what else I can find in their huge box of freebies.

(Ella adds: that ‘frumpy’ outfit, to give the post some naturist perspective, is so accurate in its depiction of some of the more mature naturist ladies I see each time I go on holiday. Arriving in their everyday wear, large patterned blouses and such like, you can’t imagine them being naturist. Where I holiday I have French and German neighbours whose style would be exactly that, when you see them going off to the shops. They do not look ‘naturist’ (whatever textile style we assume a naturist might have). And yet there they are, 20-30 minutes later, delightfully thumbing their noses at whatever preconceptions we might have had about them. And I love that. I love to see people we wouldn’t imagine as being part of the lifestyle being enthusiasts of it).



Editorial: All-Nudist.

I’m delighted to find that the All-Nudist website has decided to keep his little flame war, or drama, going. (Note: Irony is present in this sentence. See if you can spot it, readers).

You can read all about it, the most important issue in global naturism today, via the link. (Note:  Sarcasm is present in this sentence. See if you can spot it, readers).

I’m assuming that this will be the final word on the matter. After all, there’s not much point in All-Nudist providing a blog site, this one, with the continuing oxygen of publicity, an act that would undermine claims that the All-Nudist site will cast us adrift.

I’m disappointed, however, to find myself called ‘Ellen’ throughout. (Note: there is no irony or sarcasm present in this sentence, so don’t go looking, readers).

I’ve responded to the article, and it’s reprinted below in its entirety.

The name is ELLA (as in Fitzgerald), not ELLEN (as in DeGeneres). Get it right.

Be honest here, it’s hardly with ‘regret’ that you’re removing all links to SLN. As you freely admit in a fairly threatening manner on SLN you had this response written and ready to go unless we provided you -the self-appointed God of all internet naturist content- with ‘a damned good excuse’. You’re being disingenuous and dishonest with your readers.

I’m under no obligation to provide you or anyone else with any sort of excuse for anything. It’s an online blog about cartoon characters in a cartoon world living a niche lifestyle. The world has more important things to think about. A writer goes off-message about cartoons and you go postal. Really? Your life over the past couple of days amounts to THAT?

If you want to remove all links, knock yourself out. SLN existed before All-Nudist was aware of our existence, and we’ll battle on in the face of the wrath of the self-appointed God of internet naturism casting pestilence and plagues of locusts in our direction.

Stop spitting the dummy and throwing the toys out of the pram. It you want a bit of internet drama in your life, go ahead. We’re probably better off keeping that, and your website, away from us in that case.

Ella (with an ‘a’, not an ‘e’ and an ‘n’)

So…that’s the line drawn under that, I hope. Back to our usual business of naked cartoons…the most important aspect of global naturism today.

Ella (with an ‘a’, not an ‘e’ and an ‘n’)

Skinny top : A naturist wardrobe posting

It rather looks as though I’m off and running with a ‘free group gifts’ theme today, and each of them fitting into our ‘naturist wardrobe’ theme. Yes, we naturists do like to dress up of an evening, and this free top from Vision/S&F would probably be something I’d wear on holiday for dinner, but maybe not so much so for a night out at the bowling alley with a bunch of girl friends 🙂

pookes braless2_001b


Yep, I’ve decided to go out without a bra. 🙂 In a naturist context, this isn’t ‘exhibitionism’. If you’ve been bare all day, the last thing you want is to be trussed up in the evening. There is nothing more depressing (other than the promise of rain in England) than to have to get fully dressed at the end of a naturist holiday. The trip to the resort from the airport you can tolerate in hot conditions because you have the promise of losing the clothes at the end of that trip. Coming back the other way is a different story. To dress, to have to put on underwear that you’ve enjoyed not seeing or using for two weeks, is intolerable. More than once I’ve been dressed while packing our suitcases and thought ‘this is uncomfortable’ and stripped off again just to get a final 15 minutes as nature intended 🙂 More than once I’ve driven to the airport in the flimsiest of sun dresses and essentially dressed in an airport car park, or in the lavatories of the terminal, such has been my grumpiness at the prospect of clothes.

L$0 group gift at Vision/S&F



Chemise : A naturist wardrobe posting

charlotte chemise_001



Even on naturist holidays, I find that there are mornings, even in the height of summer, where there’s a slight chill in the air. Until the sun gets up, moving, and smiling down on us, there are occasions where I’d roll out of bed, nude, and immediately throw on a cover up of some description. It doesn’t need to be particularly thick or wooly, a flimsy layer will suffice for the hour or so prior to the sun working its magic.

A shop called More than Ever provides our model with a perfect cover up (or, if you aren’t a naturist avatar, beautiful nightwear). It’s a group gift, joining the group is free, and you can snag this gorgeous outfit for L$0. The off-the-shoulder shoulder strap is so true to life as well!