Editorial: All-Nudist.

I’m delighted to find that the All-Nudist website has decided to keep his little flame war, or drama, going. (Note: Irony is present in this sentence. See if you can spot it, readers).

You can read all about it, the most important issue in global naturism today, via the link. (Note:  Sarcasm is present in this sentence. See if you can spot it, readers).

I’m assuming that this will be the final word on the matter. After all, there’s not much point in All-Nudist providing a blog site, this one, with the continuing oxygen of publicity, an act that would undermine claims that the All-Nudist site will cast us adrift.

I’m disappointed, however, to find myself called ‘Ellen’ throughout. (Note: there is no irony or sarcasm present in this sentence, so don’t go looking, readers).

I’ve responded to the article, and it’s reprinted below in its entirety.

The name is ELLA (as in Fitzgerald), not ELLEN (as in DeGeneres). Get it right.

Be honest here, it’s hardly with ‘regret’ that you’re removing all links to SLN. As you freely admit in a fairly threatening manner on SLN you had this response written and ready to go unless we provided you -the self-appointed God of all internet naturist content- with ‘a damned good excuse’. You’re being disingenuous and dishonest with your readers.

I’m under no obligation to provide you or anyone else with any sort of excuse for anything. It’s an online blog about cartoon characters in a cartoon world living a niche lifestyle. The world has more important things to think about. A writer goes off-message about cartoons and you go postal. Really? Your life over the past couple of days amounts to THAT?

If you want to remove all links, knock yourself out. SLN existed before All-Nudist was aware of our existence, and we’ll battle on in the face of the wrath of the self-appointed God of internet naturism casting pestilence and plagues of locusts in our direction.

Stop spitting the dummy and throwing the toys out of the pram. It you want a bit of internet drama in your life, go ahead. We’re probably better off keeping that, and your website, away from us in that case.

Ella (with an ‘a’, not an ‘e’ and an ‘n’)

So…that’s the line drawn under that, I hope. Back to our usual business of naked cartoons…the most important aspect of global naturism today.

Ella (with an ‘a’, not an ‘e’ and an ‘n’)

4 thoughts on “Editorial: All-Nudist.

  1. All-Nudist writes in response (on his website)…and in the name of fairness to give him a right to reply…

    Thanks for the comment, Ella. Sorry about the name misspelling!

    We didn’t use the response already written because you DID provide a good explanation for this deviation from the naturist values previously represented by your website. Instead, this article was quite flattering towards you in particular, though your boss (and others there) seems to think you’re in the wrong business.

    Of course you’re under no obligation to explain yourself to anyone, yet you did anyway. That’s admirable, but your explanation makes it clear that your website is not a place for us to be sending newcomers since we don’t know what they’ll find there.

    As stated in our ‘About’ section, we hold suggested websites to high standards and not everyone makes the cut, or agrees with us. That’s their prerogative. There are plenty of other places to go that lack any standards whatsoever, but folks won’t be directed there by us!

    You may just be playing with cartoons, but you represent them to reflect real life naturism. Whether cartoon or real, All-Nudist.com does not endorse those who deliberately misrepresent social nudism.


    So…there we have it. I could say more, but as I’ve made clear above, that’s the end of that. We can now go back to our usual low standards… 🙂


  2. Hi!. Love the site and I was directed here through the All Nudist site, so the policy of not promoting you while keeping his post about you on the site is kinda self-defeating and backfiring, lol. I guess that All Nudist also never considered you’ve had a links page to SL ‘naturist’ sites with sex activity since forever. Despite its presence All Nudist seems to have considered the site was OK. I find it kinda weird that he has been directing people to your blog all this time and has only now gone weird with it. It’s maybe like what you say, that people need some internet drama in there lives. Maybe he’s just a bit of a idiot.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Erica. Yes, that page has been present on the blog almost from the beginning as we sought to separate the ‘genuine’ and ‘naked avatars seeking sex’ sims that have been around longer than SLN.

    Fundamentally, you’re right in what you say, but that hasn’t been a page that has been updated for ages, as there has been enough ‘genuine’ naturism from RL & SL on which to report without needing to report the non-genuine sims.

    Equally baffling is that some of the sims from which we’ve reported on the main page have had sex pose-balls as part of the furniture, although we’ve always highlighted this, and occasionally included them in the list of ‘genuine’ naturist sims if the balls were placed discreetly and well away from the main section of a ‘genuine’ sim.

    After all, within my definition of ‘genuine’ naturism, and All-Nudist’s too, I would imagine, sex does take place. I know that it’s something a lot of RL naturist websites will deny. They’re right to do so. Naturism isn’t about sex. But to deny it’s taking place even within RL social naturism is madness. There will be very few genuine naturists who haven’t had sex during their naturist vacations. So we try to reflect that reality too within our own guidelines. Sex pose balls beside a camp fire, surrounded by others, is always going to get you on the SLN blacklist. Set away from the crowd, in a beach hut for example, and it becomes a judgement call on whether, on balance, the sim remains ‘genuine’.

    So yes, SLN has always reflected those realities, and they’ve always been there while other sites have actively linked to and promoted us.

    I think the issue has been ‘internet drama’ led from the beginning and is certainly proving to be counter-productive for the All Nudist website.. Were you aware of SLN prior reading about us on All-Nudist? Possibly not. My stats would indicate that since All-Nudist’s post earlier in the week we’ve actually seen a sharp rise in click-through traffic from his site.

    Being on the very outer fringes of naturism, in that we’re not often ‘real life naturism’, we’re a good, easy target to stir things up with a bit and create a bit of ‘outrage’ and ‘controversy’.


  4. PLEASE NOTE: I’ve received other comments on the All-Nudist ‘controversy’ and ‘Orgygate’. Some were couched in abusive terms, aimed at All-Nudist’s ‘over reaction’. Without me pre-moderating these I think ‘Orgygate’ would be our most commented on posting (even leaving out All-Nudist’s and my contributions).

    Can I ask people to just calm down? It’s a blog about naked cartoons, a lot of the time. There is no need to be abusive, and I will NOT be posting any comments received which do not add some sort of reasoned points to the debate. Please note that if you’ve commented and aren’t seeing it on the blog, it’s because it won’t be appearing. You’re free to re-comment if you can keep the language civil.


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