Beaten to the bikes at Burn

I read through Pookes’ posting on ‘Burn 2’ and how we’d like to have a presence at it to run a ‘Critical Tits’ type of thing there. And that’s right, we would.


I tp’ed in there earlier, into the midst of an event that looked as mad as the thing Pookes photographed earlier.

I began wandering around and…

oh no! Burning Man Playa Bikes!

I wasn’t too unhappy. After all, it merely showed that the designers of Burn had got the finer detail right. I rezzed a bike.



Ella and her Playa (the Burning Man word for the area where it’s held, the Spanish word for ‘beach’) bike.



In the middle of these two photographs is a woman playing with fire! Amazing colours, movement and inventiveness.



The whole event looks like an absolute blast! Naturally, I decided that bike needed to be ridden while nude. 🙂 And if you think that three wheeled trikes aren’t part of the Burning Man culture, think again.




Back to the drawing board for Pookes and I regarding our ‘Critical Tits’ idea.






Over the weekend (beginning tonight) there’s a ‘Burn‘, one of SL’s regular replications of the Burning Man festival, taking place.

I may drop over there regularly to see what’s going on throughout the weekend, particularly as Ella and I keep discussing renting space to run a ‘Critical Tits’ type bike ride at one of these events.



Burn also have their own website,  flickr page, twitter feed, and Facebook page.

Critical Tits‘, in case you’re wondering, is a bike ride that occurs at the Burning Man festival in support of top-free equality. You don’t have to be topless to do the ride, but be supportive of the ride’s ideals.

Burn isn’t strictly a naturist event, but SLN are in favour of supporting and highlighting events wherein top free equality can be brought a little closer, hence our desire to do this some time this year.

As people may be aware, these Burns, in RL, do feature random acts of nudity, and we support that idea too. Anything to normalise the naked body in an uptight and increasingly repressed  world. There should never be any repression regarding God’s (or enter your own preferred deity here) greatest ever creation, the naked human form.








Above are a selection of photographs of just a small number of the strange, beautiful and imaginative aspects of Burn. I don’t think anyone can fail to be in awe of the beauty of the build and the imagination of the builders. There really are an enormous number of exceptionally creative, imaginative and artistic people out there in SL land.

I arrived at 530pm GMT on Friday evening, (1030am SLT) and there was already some wildness and mayhem in progress, with a parade of ladies walking around the stage prior to performing some sort of fire dance. We may come into a fantasy world to relax, but my goodness there’s an amazing amount of beautiful creativity going on to create it all.








Give ‘Burn’ a go over the weekend. It looks to be a wild and marvellous weekend of surreal imagination.





It’s worth pointing out that we aren’t the only SL blog that covers the topic of easy going naturism with SL, while referencing RL naturism too.

The Vanadisser blog is excellent for thoughts on various elements of nudity within real life, as then percolated through into SL with some wonderful accompanying photographs.

The site is in Swedish (the blog appears to be operating out of the beautiful city of Gothenburg), but there’s a translate button on the website to enable you to get an English version.

Written by Vanadis, I’ve been searching SL’s database to see if I could identify her and add her as a friend. Unfortunately there’s a whole list of Vanadis’s in SL’s database, so I’ve not been able to identify her as yet. If I read correctly, she’s currently on maternity leave, so it may be some time before life settles back into a routine that allows her to begin blogging again, but I hope she does, as it’s a superbly written blog that touches on a variety of topics, with a theme of nudity/naturism never far away.

I hope Vanadis doesn’t mind me, in this instance,  using someone else’s work -hers- to illustrate this post.


©2015 Vanadisseer blog

I note that we’re linked into Vanadis’ blog list so if you’re reading, Vanadis, or if anyone who knows Vanadis is reading, please let me know your (her) full name, so that I (Ella Keng in SL) can find you and hopefully add you to my friends’ list. I feel a collaborative project/post might be a something we could do.


To the beach! A naturist accessory posting

Well, what a strange week it has been on SLN! I’m glad to see the focus is getting back to what we do best, report on SL and its naturist possibilities, with my ‘naturist accessory’ postings from earlier in the week now being amongst the most read posts today. SO let’s add to that collection of ‘must have’ accessories with today’s find, a detailed beach bag (L$50) from Sheikh Bags.

pookes towel bag_001b

pookes towel bag2_001b


A towel bag, it’s available in a variety of towel colours. I chose black.

The bottom photo also shows how detailed it is, everything you need for the beach, naturist or textile. Look closely and you can see I’ve got all I need in that bag. A towel to lie on, a second one to dry myself if I’ve taken a swim, my flip flops -which I’ve already removed having reached the warm sand under my feet- my sunglasses and my iPhone, so I can listen to some music while relaxing under a hot sun. I love this bag! As I say, it would work well for naturists and textiles alike.

While at the store I found they had a free gift, a purse. Yes. Let’s not forget that it’s hard work working up an all over tan, and sometimes refreshments are required, so a trip to the beach bar for some iced coffees, or just a bottle of water, is definitely going to form part of the day.

pookes purse_001b



edited to add: I forgot to include their group gift (L$0, no group join fee) for those of you who take larger purses to the beach than I do 🙂

pooke sheik april gift_001b


Once again, totally suitable for textile use. I think I have a pink ensemble in my inventory messy wardrobe that would go perfectly with this

CFNM (or CMNF) is NOT a naturist thing



The male is fully naked. One of the females is topless. The other female is bottomless.

CFNM, we learn from wikipedia, is often assumed to be a form of exhibitionism or a sexual fantasy. CFNM means, of course, ‘clothed female, nude male’.

There’s also CMNF, clothed male, nude female, wherein a common theme is male domination and humiliation of the female.

While such scenarios are common, on an everyday basis, in naturism, there is no sense of domination, humiliation, exhibitionism or of sexual fantasy. It only takes five minutes research on the internet to discover that these concepts are a common theme in porn.

Yet the photo above, taken in a genuine naturist setting, has all of these themes missing (apart from in the mind of some viewers of the image). It’s just a natural thing. Many naturist women, sometimes myself included, will fling on a sarong to walk from the beach to a nearby beach bar, to buy drinks or use their lavatories. Sometimes I cover up totally. Sometimes I tie it at the waist, going top-free. So the woman on the right, in which looks like some sort of camping or beach situation, is possibly engaged in an activity at the time the photograph was taken.

The body language tells me that the male and the bottomless female are a couple, the topless female a friend they’ve met on holiday. The topless female is engaging in conversation with the male, her eyes fixed on his. His nudity is not something she’s focussed on. He is not ‘exhibiting’ for her. He is not engaged in a sexual fantasy.

The bottomless woman might wish to be fully nude, but we naturists are aware of the power of the sun at all times. Ergo, we sometimes cover up. Again, my shoulders can really suffer, so it’s not uncommon to throw on a T shirt to protect one from the sun, particularly during the hottest part of the day. The bottomless woman in the photo is almost certainly engaged in a similar sort of form of protection. She is not exhibiting, or drawing attention to her genital area. The photo says to me that she’s giving her skin, particularly her neck and shoulders, some respite.

In naturism, these acronyms are never a thing. It is only pornography that seeks to make them a fantasy, a fetish, or something unwholesome.




Eden Parkland

New photographer Hugh has wasted no time in exploring SL and, rather interestingly, providing a slightly different perspective on our virtual world. Yes, it’s SL Naturist, so we do expect a bit of naturism to be part of the gig, but Hugh is  equally fascinated with the new world in which he finds himself immersed.

‘It’s rather remarkable that users of the game are building this world and making it so realistic’, he says. ‘There have been moments where I’ve been looking at some of the SL shots I’ve taken and though ‘if I put that on my flickr account I think I could probably convince people that they’re from real life, not a virtual world’.

I sent Hugh off to Eden Parkland earlier this week, having been tipped off to its presence by Brenda, co-owner of the Eden Estate. Brenda told me that Eden Parkland is intended to be a sort of oasis of calm. Nothing much to do here but tie your boat up and sunbathe or, with the correct attachment, swim. I reflected on how, even in the midst of a social holiday, there are times when it’s time to slip off by yourself, or with your partner, to some isolated cove and just enjoy a sense of being alone.

A person of my acquaintance rents a small boat in the Balearic Island of Menorca each summer, and he and his wife say there’s nothing nicer than to sail right around the island for two weeks, dropping anchor at a fishing village, using the local supermercado for provisions, then upping anchor and sailing to some cove, inaccessible by foot, where they can drop anchor again and swim, sunbathe and eat lunch in total isolation. Neither deem themselves to be ‘naturist’, but naked swimming and sunbathing is now routine during these vacations.


Hugh and his model capture a dolphin swimming in the waters off Eden Parkland



It’s not always necessary to be photographing naturists. Here, Hugh appears to have his lens fixed firmly on that dolphin.





‘The important thing for me was to capture a mood of isolation and quiet’, Hugh says, ‘and I think that these photos do manage to capture that quite well. I did do a photo session with my model, yes,  but I need more time to do a bit of post-production work on these. I’ve found that there’s a different set of skills required in SL photography to make the photos come to life where a model is concerned, such as the posing, so making the photos not look quite so static is something I’m still working on’.

I’ve visited Eden Parkland myself and found it gorgeous, quiet and a good spot to reflect. Ideal for being in world, undisturbed in the main, and allowing me to work on SL Naturist blog. So I’m not going to be sharing the landmark with you! 🙂

Ah, OK…we’re all friends here. But I’m giving you this in confidence. Please don’t be sharing it around so that we’re over-run by boats mooring. This is just between you and I, right? 🙂


Hot Springs (Iceland)

My post on Iceland’s ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign resulted in a reader, Ruth, commenting on how sea bathing is almost impossible due to the sea temperatures (although I’ve said ‘almost’ because I’m sure there are some crazy sturdy people who people who still take to the seas.

Ruth reminded me that a lot of bathing in Iceland takes place in the environs of hot springs, fed by volcanic activity.



Iceland’s Blue Lagoon hot spring

My first mental image of an Icelandic hit spring would have been it’s Blue Lagoon hot spring (above), where swimming in warm water would have a backdrop of snow covered mountains or, at certain times of year, snow on the ground next to the springs themselves. What I hadn’t considered, though, was the fact that there were ample opportunities to bathe in the same hot water in a stream running through a green field!

Naturally, I began by researching Icelandic naturism, and attitudes to nudity there. It began with something of a negative, with a report suggesting that routine nudity in springs had been all but eradicated by tourism,  with loud screams from Japanese tourists and constant pointing and whispering among people from the United States.

I found this depressing. To have a tradition (any tradition, not just related to nudity and naturism) destroyed by tourism and it’s cultural imperialism…that is depressing. I’m not entirely certain as to why the Japanese would be singled out for screaming, though, as they certainly have their own hot spring -onsen- traditions where nudity (even if segregated by sex) is part of their culture.

Nonetheless, I pressed on with the research.

Icelandic Naturist website? An official body representing naturism? No. I couldn’t find one.

Eventually, though, I did find a report that told me that there are many hot springs and a rural setting where you can be naked. There are swimming areas in all regions of the country. There is no official nude beaches or dedicated nudist places in Iceland.The spas around Reykjavok generally do not allow nakedness. The same goes for the very popular and famous “The Blue Lagoon”

Well, at least there’s some rural settings where you could, if you chose, strip off and enjoy thermal waters. Google image search, anyone?


2005-07-04 023

At last. Someone in Iceland, in a rural setting, nude, taking a shower in a hot spring.



And this, a young lady bathing topless (at the very least) in a spring near one of Iceland’s power stations.

But still not a lot, at least as far as Iceland is concerned, for a huge amount of Hot Spring naturist related activity. It’s probably more a cultural thing fed directly by the relative lack of opportunities to get outside, naked, even in summer, rather than for other reasons.

Then I read that Icelanders have a tradition on Jonsmessa, June 24th, where it is tradition to go outside an roll around naked in a field. The purpose of this Norse/Viking tradition is to prevent the ageing process, I’ve read.  I’m not suggesting that this remains a tradition in the streets of Reykjavik, but it’s possible that it still exists in some places. Jonsmessa, of course, is St. John’s night -midsummer- and despite its name predates Christiantity. There are a whole lot of pagan traditions that were tacked onto the Christian calendar, and this is certainly another one. Some websites reference it as ‘naked dew rolling’. How accurately that is how Icelanders describe it is open to conjecture, but it certainly is a wonderfully evocative phrase. I may even try it myself, without going to Iceland, later this year 🙂

What is interesting is the date, coinciding with similar festivals elsewhere which embrace nudity during part of the festivities. This year I’ll be in Spain again for St.Juan’s night where nakedness and jumping over bonfires is part of the evening, as is swimming naked at midnight. And yes, I’ll be naked, in the sea, at midnight, before jumping over a bonfire 🙂

Bringing this back to a Second Life context, I did a search for ‘hot springs’ and found there were several sims where one’s avatar could soak in water with steam rising off them, but all seemed to be onsen, the Japanese variety of the hot spring bath. We’ve covered the onsen in SLN before, but maybe it’s time for a bit of an update on Japanese hot springs, and get some in world photos of the possibilities it presents within the game. So that’s coming up over the weekend.





The ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign in Iceland

I’ve read that the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign has got some traction in Iceland, with some of the country’s women taking to Twitter to highlight the issue.

This follows a student being bullied online for organising a ‘Free the Nipple’ support day in her college, prompting a reaction from many of the country’s women.


Björt Ólafsdóttir

One member of the Icelandic parliament, Björt Ólafsdóttir, even took to the social media outlet to be part of the campaign, being photographed with one of her own breasts bared.

Isn’t it time women were given top free equality? Equally, isn’t it time that students and others weren’t being bullied and harassed for whatever they choose to believe and stand up for, be it top free equality or anything else?

I adopt the view that, in the main, social media is a menace of the inane and pointless most of the time, but occasionally it has a viral power to react with a power of equal force, ultimately shaming those who seek to shame in the first instance. Whether two wrongs make a right, though….an argument for another day.