It’s worth pointing out that we aren’t the only SL blog that covers the topic of easy going naturism with SL, while referencing RL naturism too.

The Vanadisser blog is excellent for thoughts on various elements of nudity within real life, as then percolated through into SL with some wonderful accompanying photographs.

The site is in Swedish (the blog appears to be operating out of the beautiful city of Gothenburg), but there’s a translate button on the website to enable you to get an English version.

Written by Vanadis, I’ve been searching SL’s database to see if I could identify her and add her as a friend. Unfortunately there’s a whole list of Vanadis’s in SL’s database, so I’ve not been able to identify her as yet. If I read correctly, she’s currently on maternity leave, so it may be some time before life settles back into a routine that allows her to begin blogging again, but I hope she does, as it’s a superbly written blog that touches on a variety of topics, with a theme of nudity/naturism never far away.

I hope Vanadis doesn’t mind me, in this instance,  using someone else’s work -hers- to illustrate this post.


©2015 Vanadisseer blog

I note that we’re linked into Vanadis’ blog list so if you’re reading, Vanadis, or if anyone who knows Vanadis is reading, please let me know your (her) full name, so that I (Ella Keng in SL) can find you and hopefully add you to my friends’ list. I feel a collaborative project/post might be a something we could do.


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