Bjort Olafsdottir

Last week we reported on the Freethenipple campaign in Iceland. You can read our post here.

I note that one of the women taking part, Icelandic MP Bjort Olafsdottir, has written an opinion piece for The Independent newspaper, which you can read here.



Normally we don’t publish photos in these circumstances, but as Ms Olafsdottir speaks candidly about the photograph in the article, it seems reasonable to include the photo in question.

Second Life has its ‘memes’ from time to time, one being ‘Topless Tuesday’, which began as a Tumblr & Twitter meme before cascading into SL. We’ve done a few ‘Topless Tuesday’ posts ourselves within the realm of SLN, in support of equal rights for women, including top-free rights.

No, it’s not the most important issue facing people in the world today. It’s not the most important feminist issue in the world today. But it still manages to raise the issue of women’ rights on a regular basis.

Even within SL we’re not immune to top free inequality. I’m not about to ‘out’ any skin stores, or go over ground I’ve covered before but, honestly, nipple pasties on skins do not present me with the full picture of what I might be buying. It’s dishonest, to an extent, and brings a patriarchal mindset into SL, a place where we have the chance to re-invent RL inequalities and ridicule them for the insanity they are (at least for those who play the game).

Many designers within SL are female. Most bloggers, I would argue, are female. So, ladies, isn’t it time you stepped up to the mark and presented your skins, or you outfits, or your blog posts honestly? Isn’t it time you freed yourself from RL patriarchal inequalities within the game?





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