A Naked gallery viewing in Canberra, Australia

Today’s Guardian carries an excellent piece about an exhibition in Australia’s National Gallery by ‘light artist’ James Turrell, wherein viewers were invited to participate in nude tours of the exhibition.

Reviewed by Monica Tan, she begins by saying that ‘I too begin to strip: the dress comes off, the underwear soon after – until I stand, breasts, bum and bush in the breeze.

Ahem…and I repeat that being natural ‘down there’ continues to makes its presence known! 🙂

Ms. Tan goes on to report that your guide Stuart Ringholt says that “We’re at our happiest when we’re nude: we take a bath when we’re nude, we sleep sometimes when we’re nude, make love when we’re nude. We swim in the ocean or we run through the park – and they’re our most wonderful times.”

All of which is true.




An exceptionally positive piece about how the act of being nude alters one’s perspective of the exhibition, and I would have to give Ms. Tan 10/10 for her approach to the exhibition and the positive way in which she reports it, and the positive manner in which the viewers also respond to it. Yet again, these people are not likely to be self-confessed ‘naturists’, but there is a ready willingness to explore the sensations of nudity and essentially a united feeling that, despite initial trepidations, by Ms. Tan and those she speaks to for the article, ‘that feathery ticklishness I experienced when first undressing in public is vanishing – I feel more comfortable in my skin with each step’.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.


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