Nothing to see here once we’ve established it’s publicity for a dull album

madoona instagram


Madonna’s at it again, instagramming her censored naked body on the social media site to highlight the hypocrisy of social media. All good so far.

But she’s hardly ‘taking a swipe’, as The Independent puts it, is she?

Could it be because her new album is tanking in the US? A bit of perfectly timed ‘controversy’? As if we care anymore? Or ever did?

She’s 56. I think it’s great that she’s still relevant to (some) people. But the hashtags are pretty….hmmm…laughable (a bit like anything I’ve heard from ‘Rebel Heart’ then). Art for Freedom? We’ve all seen better art-nudes. Unapologetic bitch? Surely the unapologetic thing to do is remove yourself from the apparent 3.4m followers you have on the social media site and wait it out until Instagram (or Facebook) has a censorship change of heart? No, that doesn’t work, does it? It’s all about the oxygen of free publicity. ‘Rebel Heart’? Empty platitude.

It isn’t even as if her breasts are something we’ve never seen before, as if this is going to be some ‘stripped bare’ revelatory moment. We’ve seen your breasts, your ass, your intimate parts following a millisecond search of Google. The album is still a turkey.





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