Nudist sojourn in the wilds


I spotted the photo (above) on a naturist tumblr website, and was struck by the poem attached to it. I’m guessing that the photos date from a 1960s-70s naturist magazine, the source was uncredited, but it shows that naturism, long before ‘environmentalism’ or ‘green’ politics were in vogue, was attuned to the world of nature we just happen to rent space in for 70 odd years.

Close to the surging, beating heart of our Mother, the earth

I’ve been preaching this, on SL Naturist, for a considerable period of time and it looks like our spiritual parent and grandparent naturist forebears equally understood it.

The poem then goes on to say that not only is the earth our Mother and Father but equally we are its guardians as well.

Lupes nature 2

Lupes nature

Caring for your environment, your earth, is important. As naturists, we all have an obligation.


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