Our Flickr stream. In focus with Silje

Late last week I set up SL Naturist’s own Flickr photo stream. It’s one of those fortuitous SL moments where, unplanned, the timing is perfect, and its establishment appears to have coincided with our various staff members having time off over the Easter break and deciding to bombard me (in a nice way) with photos to put up on Flickr.

Unlike the blog, where contributors have free rein to publish their own stuff, I’m having to do the SLN Flickr stream by myself, quite simply because I’ve not worked out how to do group permissions regarding uploading just yet.

However, I’ve been able to get up the first in what I hope becomes a regular series, ‘In Focus’, wherein Hugh or Diane try to capture the essence of an avatar and maybe we can do a little ‘pen portrait’ of what makes them tick in (and out of) SL.

To see what I mean, go to an album featuring Silje on our Flickr page. By hovering over the text just below where it says In Focus:Silje at the top of the page it opens up a text page where Hugh tries to explain that Silje’s Dutch nationality, and the nation’s love of bikes and flowers helped him to ‘frame’ how Silje should look, to attempt to capture a little of her.

Clearly, we’re SL Naturist, so a readiness to appear au naturel goes with the territory, but as far as nudity goes, at least as far as Silje, a non-naturist, I believe, these are more ‘glamour’ than ‘naturist’ photos. As time goes on, this series should develop and as we’re often present at SL’s naturist events then it’s likely that the ‘In Focus’ series will be able to provide albums of SL’s naturist community.


The Dutch love their ‘bloemen & planten’. Silje, green-fingered in the greenhouse




I hope that I can find some way to permit others to upload their own stuff, as one of my concerns about ‘other social media’ has been realised, in that I’ve spent all morning dealing with the Flickr stream and not got ‘in world’. Hopefully that’s down to an immediate enthusiasm from our photographers, and the thing settles in due course. That said, I believe that the Flickr stream is a useful addition to SL Naturist’s work.

Credits: Photos by Hugh at the Matoluta Sanctuary


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