Mocha’s Nude Cafe

Here’s a wonderful idea!

Mocha Edenflower has opened a delightful cafe called….Mocha’s Nude Cafe! 🙂

She also matches SLN’s editorial policy -no pose balls- perfectly. As she says, it’s ‘a nude friendly/Nudist hangout for conversation and chat. (I’m hoping that visitors can) discuss philosophy, politics, social issues, art, music, etc. (I want people to) get naked, but leave the sex/pickup lines at home.’

Sound good?

I was over there on Thursday afternoon in the company of SLN photographer Hugh, and my friend Jan, to explore the place and get a feel for it.


‘So what shall we photograph first?’




Tea and buns at the outdoor cafe area was the first item of our agenda


…before Hugh decided he was hungry at grabbed a sandwich from a sandwich van in the cafe’s grounds


…before moving indoors to have a lengthy discussion on naturist politics…



By which time I was exhausted by all the waiting around for our photographer to stop eating.


I’m pleased to say that I spoke to Mocha on Thursday evenings, and she set out her vision for the cafe.

Mocha: My hope is to just be a place where people can stop in and hang out. I’ve been very careful about the whole adult poseball thing also, because that attracts the wrong crowd.

Pookes: That fits right in with SL Naturist’s policy. We’ve long gone for lending our support to places where nudity does not equate to sex, so I’m pleased to hear you say that.

Mocha: I’ve still got some changes I need to make to the art. The location may be on Zindra, but its not meant to be a sex-place I went for Zindra mostly because this was the nicest double prim spot I found, and being here means I can have nudity in the open without anyone feeling ‘put out’ by the place.

Pookes: I liked the open aspect of it, Mocha. As a RL naturist I would often vacation in places that aren’t ‘behind closed doors’. We’ll arrive at our destination, just drive down the street past naked people walking, and park up at our apartment. So to see you’d built in that open aspect was something quite refreshing and new!

Mocha: My upcoming project, that I am also very interested in finding help for, is to build some “discussion primer” notecards. On topics like “intro to world philosophy” and “intro to political science” and maybe one on music, arts, and “SL hobbies” (like sailing, vehicles, SL fishing, or… whatever.) – Notecards people could grab for whatever reason… 🙂

Pookes: What I find with SL naturism is that you tend to get a wide range of people with diverse interests, and exceptionally well read. In the main, naturists are smart enough to separate nudity from sex, and treat it as part of a fuller way of life. I’d be surprised if some of our readers couldn’t help you with the notecards, or point you at websites where you can grab the basis of a ‘primer’. That would be an exceptionally interesting project, Mocha, and one that takes me back to the early days of my SL, when many businesses and universities had an in world presence. There was a very ready capacity to be able to learn, to educate yourself, while ‘playing’ SL. That sort of withered when SL lost ground a bit, but I detect that there are now people whose vision of the world runs contrary to what governments or NGOs tell us…it’s easy to find info on world religions in SL, for example, or people building sims dedicated to, for example, vegetarianism, and us the sim to work on behalf of vegetarianism, with notecards, placards on the sim and so on. I really hope you can bring this to fruition. Mocha, thanks for speaking to SL Naturist, and we wish you every success with the sim.


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