Port and cigars: a (naturist?) wardrobe accessory

OK…it’s pushing it to itemise this as a naturist accessory 🙂 but Howie assures me that he’s a dab hand in the kitchen, and his & his partner’s naturist holidays often involve a few people gathered around a table on the terrace while he does the cooking.

‘I discovered I liked cooking when I was about ten years old’, he says, ‘and I still like to bake bread, do simple meals with a bit of my own twist to them, invite a few friends around to our apartment (Costa Natura, Spain), throw on some music and then enjoy the company of good friends. Nothing fancy, just top quality seafood bought directly from local fishermen, whipped up into a paella, with still warm, freshly baked bread.’ While my eyes glaze over, Howie explains that ‘paella is from the Valencia area, so we will often grab a train and go for the day to Valencia and maybe stay overnight just to have paella in its natural homeland. The Valencians do it best!’

Yes, the gents do then manage to light up a cigar and enjoy a glass of port on the terrace, he assures me, while the ladies present like often throw on a sarong and take a walk in the warm evening air.

Luckily, WE at Home are offering a free group gift of port and cigars, on a tray, along with cigars and port glasses that can be worn.

hoowie cigars_001b


Above, Howie and Pierre replicate the scene at ‘Casa Howie’ in the summer months. I still think we’re pushing it to offer it as a naturist accessory, Howie! 🙂 but it certainly does give some representation of the manner in which naturists like to live la buena vida, the good life.





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