The Daily Mail

I was in world last night, dancing and listening to some great tunes being played by DJ Sunshine whose in-world Sunvibes Group promotes world music. They also have a terrific web page where you can read about world music. Sunshine, Svazanna Resident, has further pages here, and a flickr page here.

Anyway, the chat turned to the UK’s Daily Mail, and I was gently ribbed for reading it, such is its….legendary, soft right-wing and moral-guardian-of-the-British-people’s editorial policy.

commune dance

I make no apologies 🙂

After all, where better to get a ready supply of stories about public nudity? 🙂

‘Shocking! Actress allows nipple to fall out of dress! Let us show photos! But pixellate them in case you’re offended by a nipple, which we’ll show you on a daily basis, but pixellate them! Because we’d hate to be thought of  as disgusting! And prurient! And when we’re done with no less than eight different pixellated nipples, let us show you where to buy a dress just like it! For 1/10th of what she paid for it! After all, your nipples might pop out!

When not pixellating nipples, or famous ladies getting out of taxis with their knickers on display, the Daily Mail loves a good story with some element of sex attached to it.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Today? Labiaplasty. Paid for by the NHS! Disgraceful! But labiaplasty nonetheless. Because women think they aren’t normal down there.

And, of course, someone I’ve never heard of going out without a bra. Pixellated.

No. I make no apologies. It’s laugh out loud ridiculous regarding matters of public nudity. I wouldn’t miss it.





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