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I love the different ways people conduct their Second Lives, often in unexpected manners. It was my privilege to run into an avatar who goes by the name of ‘Pops’ (pictured here at Su Casa, at the SLN office presence there). In his 70s in RL, Pops keeps an avatar that reflects his age, but still manages to play SL with a twinkle in his eye, a sense of being 2-3 decades younger than his RL and reflected SL ages (but naturism does that to all of us!)  and a long line in lovely anecdotes, including naturism in the UK (and Europe) in the post-war years, and I’m hoping to meet up with him at some point in the not too distant future to discuss that era when naturism wasn’t the thing spoken of quite as openly as it is now.

‘When I joined a club we were given pseudonyms’, he told me. ‘They’d all be characters from Greek mythology, so that you would only every know them by that name. Xerxes, Ajax and so on. This was to protect your anonymity beyond the confines of the club.’ Wow! Different times, different attitudes.

The world is full of a rich tapestry of diverse and interesting characters. The Second world should be the same.



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