Second Life abbreviations

The blog does get a lot of click-through readers via naturist blogs and websites. Many aren’t Second Life users.

We remain, first and foremost, a Second Life naturist blog, with the real life articles reflecting how things might work within the virtual world of Second Life.

I’ve become aware that some readers are confused by some of the shorthand that appears in some of the posts, so I thought it would be a good idea to list some of these, so that anyone who has chanced upon us in a search, or clicked-through from one of the many real life naturists sites we’re connected to, understands the acronyms.

SL = Second Life

RL = real life

LL = Linden Labs, the company that runs Second Life.

L$ or simply ‘lindens’ = Linden dollars, the unit of currency that exists within Second Life.

Avatar or avi = the virtual representation of yourself within the game.

‘In World’ or ‘on the grid’= being in Second Life

MP or Marketplace : an online repository where designers and builders sell their wares. You can click directly to it via this link.

TP or tp = teleport, the capacity to move from one sim to another instantaneously. Think of Kirk and Spock going to the surface of a planet in Star Trek. Second Life teleporting is somewhat similar.

cyber = cybersex. While not within this blog’s remit, it is something referred to from time to time.

(Edited to add 20th April: SLex/slex = cybersex, too. Thanks to reader JTW for pointing this out. Ella)

SLN = Second Life Naturist, i.e. the blog you’re reading now.

Sim = an area of region designed in a certain manner, from a shopping mall to a naturist beach and anywhere in between.

pookes 12_001b

Pookes’ avi, or avatar, as represented on a sim within SL

All clear? Remember, if you do chance on some abbreviation you don’t understand, ask! We’ll explain what we mean.

If I remember I’ll try to re-post this blog entry on a semi-regular basis for the benefit of new readers.

So if you now read about Ella or myself spending some L$ on our avi on the MP before going to check out a new sim but tp’ing out because it was just a cyber place, after which we logged out and went back to RL….you know what we’re talking about, right? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Second Life abbreviations

  1. Really, JTW? I’ve never heard that, but it certainly has a ring to it, and it’s something I’ll look out for. I have to say that, as some posts make clear, the whole cyber/SLex thing isn’t my field of expertise 🙂 but I’ll edit the post to ad that to the list. Many thanks for your input.


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