WNBR Brighton, Sat. 14th June

I’ve signed up to do the WNBR ride in Brighton in June. So has Mr. Pookes.



We probably won’t get the chance to take our own photos, but may subsequently be featured in other people’s photos. Look out for us. 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time researching this and it seems it’s a better ride than London, Southampton or Bristol, the other ones closest to us, hence our decision to sign up for it (our first WNBR). I’ve also spent a lot of time viewing photos of previous rides, and can conclude that, on photographic evidence, more than the 15% of the British male population who are circumcised appear to be riding in it in previous years 🙂 and certainly the 51% of the British female population who apparently let their pubic hair be natural are also well represented.

Usually, at this time of year, I move from ‘winter plumage’ to a summer trim (more realistically full depilation). On the basis of this info, and photographic evidence, however, the razor’s going back into the bathroom cabinet, at least until after June! Expect to see this reflected in SLN photos…


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