Topless Tuesday

I’ve decided to bring back the Topless Tuesday meme, at least for one week, because it’s fun, and because it gives us a chance to follow up on a previous blog posting regarding mesh body shapes.

I blogged about a free one being available at The Shops, but that having tried it out on my ‘Eve’ alt, I wasn’t overly impressed by it. Despite my reservations, reader Kez decided to try it for herself and  has this to say about it.

‘The boobs are gorgeous. I love them. My main reservation of it was that I had to make the butt size ‘zero’ in the appearance controls to make myself look like something other than a horrible Kim Kardashian wannabe. There’s nothing attractive about a big ass, in my mind, so this element of it was very disappointing. The clincher, in determining that I wasn’t going to be taking mesh further was that it more or less wipes out an entire wardrobe. Am I ready to start from scratch again, and consign a lot of lovely lingerie and outfits to the trash? No. I don’t think so. So while I have mesh boob envy, I’m certainly not minded to effectively begin a SL from scratch, wardrobe wise. I would defer purchase of a mesh skin until such time as they’re much, much cheaper, they offer greater control and we’re kind of forced to make the switch. For now, for me, despite great looking boobs, I’m unconvinced’.


karen tt_001b



2 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday

  1. This is effectively a ‘demo’ version, although it appears it can be worn without any indication of it being a ‘demo’. As far as I’m aware it’s just a female adult version so the answer is ‘I don’t know’, but we wouldn’t be blogging or promoting stuff for ‘tinies’ in the context of this blog.

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