Do nudists and a VW camper van go together?

Thanks to reader Raul, who pointed us at a website wherein the nude was juxtaposed with VW campers vans, which contains more than you might imagine.

It’s quite clear that, in respect of naturism, the VW camper van has been a constant backdrop since the 1960s, through to today.


Not a VW van, but certainly nudity and VW working in advertising. Note the outrageously sexist text to the advert.

The VW Beetle (we’ve all seen the ‘Herbie’ films wherever we are in the world, right?) is another vehicle used with naked advertising and placement, but if you read the text to the advert above you can note its casual sexism.


You can buy your own VW camper van in SL for the incredible price of…..L$1!!!! That’s right, for the sum of one linden dollar you too could be strapping the boards to the roof for a weekend’s naked surfing.

I can name at least a couple of naturist sims where the VW camper is present. Perhaps that’s it! The VW camper is now part of naturist iconography!


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