Woodstock Wednesdays at the Commune…so what about some appropriate clothing? (A naturist wardrobe posting)

The Woodstock generation appeared to have a relaxed attitude to ‘clothing optional’ when not wearing their tie-dyes.

The prize at Madcap Creations, as part of the Vintage Hunt ongoing right now is a tie-dye and patched jeans ensemble (L$1).

So if I get around to attending tonight (my first Woodstock Wednesday if I do) what better to wear than some good old hippy wear?

The outfit is supposed to be a man prize but, hey, I think it looks great on girls too!

pookes hippy_001b




Orgy night at Commune Utopia : apparently not the final word.

all nuist
Yesterday’s viewing figures were strange. There was a spike in clicks to and from the All Nudist website. I wondered why, particularly  as All-Nudist was promising to remove all links to SLN for daring to post on an (SL) orgy.

On investigation, I discovered that All-Nudist was basking in high viewing figures, something that he castigated Howie for referencing not more than a month ago.

Yes…hypocrisy is the word I’m thinking of too.

I’ve responded on the All-Nudist site, particularly as a reader, Erica, has since pointed out that All-Nudist appears to accept ‘swingers’ as part of the naturist movement and turn a blind eye to it. That’s what the website suggests, certainly.

We don’t. Marital vows should be worth something. We don’t accept ‘swinging’ as part of the naturist lifestyle. Less do we accept cybersex as acceptable to SL avatars who are in a RL relationship.

The traffic to/from All-Nudist may be coincidental. More likely, though, a spike in his viewing figures would reflect in click throughs to our viewing figures.

I’ve tried to place a bar on clicks from All-Nudist successfully connecting to SLN. I don’t want us to be associated with websites that take a benign view on adultery (and I regard cybersex by SL avatars in a RL relationship as fitting that definition). I’ve therefore asked All-Nudist to remove all posts referencing SLN, something he promised to do a month ago.

SLN neither wants nor needs association with websites adopting a relaxed view to adultery.

I’d also encourage any other websites with an emphasis on ‘sex’, as part of ‘naturism’ to do the same, and disassociate themselves from us. We’re about genuine naturist values, family naturist values. Adultery plays no part.