Do nudists and a VW camper van go together?

Thanks to reader Raul, who pointed us at a website wherein the nude was juxtaposed with VW campers vans, which contains more than you might imagine.

It’s quite clear that, in respect of naturism, the VW camper van has been a constant backdrop since the 1960s, through to today.


Not a VW van, but certainly nudity and VW working in advertising. Note the outrageously sexist text to the advert.

The VW Beetle (we’ve all seen the ‘Herbie’ films wherever we are in the world, right?) is another vehicle used with naked advertising and placement, but if you read the text to the advert above you can note its casual sexism.


You can buy your own VW camper van in SL for the incredible price of…..L$1!!!! That’s right, for the sum of one linden dollar you too could be strapping the boards to the roof for a weekend’s naked surfing.

I can name at least a couple of naturist sims where the VW camper is present. Perhaps that’s it! The VW camper is now part of naturist iconography!


Topless Tuesday

I’ve decided to bring back the Topless Tuesday meme, at least for one week, because it’s fun, and because it gives us a chance to follow up on a previous blog posting regarding mesh body shapes.

I blogged about a free one being available at The Shops, but that having tried it out on my ‘Eve’ alt, I wasn’t overly impressed by it. Despite my reservations, reader Kez decided to try it for herself and  has this to say about it.

‘The boobs are gorgeous. I love them. My main reservation of it was that I had to make the butt size ‘zero’ in the appearance controls to make myself look like something other than a horrible Kim Kardashian wannabe. There’s nothing attractive about a big ass, in my mind, so this element of it was very disappointing. The clincher, in determining that I wasn’t going to be taking mesh further was that it more or less wipes out an entire wardrobe. Am I ready to start from scratch again, and consign a lot of lovely lingerie and outfits to the trash? No. I don’t think so. So while I have mesh boob envy, I’m certainly not minded to effectively begin a SL from scratch, wardrobe wise. I would defer purchase of a mesh skin until such time as they’re much, much cheaper, they offer greater control and we’re kind of forced to make the switch. For now, for me, despite great looking boobs, I’m unconvinced’.


karen tt_001b



A naturist wardrobe posting

Let me point you at two things. One, the dress itself, which is available right now, free, as a hunt gift at Vincue, and comes complete with a hud so you can change it from the black & white version to pastel pink and white, or pastel blue and white. They’re lovely, and you can just picture yourself in these, wandering out for dinner on a balmy evening right after you’ve spent a hard day’s sunbathing on the naturist beach.

camille dress_001b

Two, the skin. New model (and new SL avatar Camille) has pointed out that First Lady Skins -whose work is uniformly excellent- are offering a free skin gift to new players under 7 days old.

There’s two skins in the freebie, a black skin and a white skin, but Camille has opted for the black one. This really is top quality work, as usual, from First Lady.

The black skin is a particularly good one to snag, if you’re under 7 days old, as it’s doubtful you will get as good as quality a black skin as this were you to spend L$1000!

camille dress2_001b





Book now for a holiday in the sun! (Special Offer : Free baby thrown in)

The Shops at the Top of the World are currently running a Gatcha with a baby as the prize (it’s a mere L$1 per play).

baby gatcha2_001b

Newborn baby

baby gatcha3_001b


Baby boy…and the ugliest child we’ve ever laid eyes on 🙂


baby gatcha4_001b


Baby girl

If you want to do a bit of role-play….there’s not a cheaper opportunity to obtain an SL child.

On a more serious note, as the summer holiday season kicks off, and following on from words of warning in our Brav(ad)o! post, we’d encourage young women to stay safe, stay together, stay sober (or at least know your limits and stop just before you reach them. Getting drunk can be fun, as long as you fully understand your limits and work well inside them), stay protected.

The last thing you want is to return home from holiday with an STI or a ‘free’ baby.

And guys…treat women with respect. If she’s drunk to the point of unconsciousness, it IS rape.



by Pookes and Ella


Here’s a question.

Many of us go on holiday, with friends, away from the steel glare of family, and we let our hair down and notch up our sense of bravado, daring and silliness. I think it’s maybe part of the rite of teenage passage, and many 17-18 year olds get their first taste of real freedom on junkets abroad (if living in Europe), heading south to Spain (often), for sun, sea, sand, sangria and sex.

I know Australia has a bit of an end-of-term, end-of-examinations equivalent with thousands of teen descending on….Melbourne? to party hard to the point of lunacy and where it’s getting to be problematic.

We Brits have an unenviable reputation abroad, with locations like Ayia Napa in Cyprus hosting thousands of teenage Brits who simply don’t know how to behave. The Spanish island of Ibiza has the same rowdy reputation, caused almost exclusively by young Brits, and Magaluf in Spain is now colloquially known as ‘Shagaluf’.

Last year, a story emerged of the hedonistic lifestyle reaching such a frenzy that a girl was filmed performing oral sex with 24 men in exchange for drinks. Look, I know we all like to get drunk once in a while…but just how drunk would you need to be to get into that state? As a result of that lunacy, Magaluf has clamped down this year in a bid to stop these sort of sordid and exploitative actions.

Typically you will read accounts of people going on holiday with a bucket list. 14 nights away? That should mean a minimum of 14 different sexual partners. And that will be on the bucket list of both young men and women.

So you get the picture…





 Young Brits abroad ‘having a great time’

There’s something almost horribly Rabelaisian about it, a descent into hell on earth.

I think we’ve all, to more or less degrees, indulged.


Does the presence of a peer group encourage us to be more daring than we normally would be?

Pookes has previously written about a girly holiday abroad being her introduction to topless sunbathing and swimming, encouraged by her peer group. My own naturism began with the gentle encouragement of my cousin. Her literally Dutch courage instilled in my mind that I wasn’t going to be seen as the prudish Brit, leading to my own disrobing in public for the first time.

And here’s the question we promised at the top of the page.

Does the presence of a peer group encourage us to be less inhibited and more daring than we would be in a smaller group than on our own? Even if it’s only something as mild and silly as collectively flashing our knickers?

Of course, we think we already know the answer: of course it does!

Few of us would sit with just one friend in a bar and particularly feel the need to get into the sort of state displayed by those in some of the photos above. It’s when a group of people get together that a simple glass of white wine turns into a table full of them, all followed by something probably flammable, if we cared to try, in a shot glass.

And from there the evening descends. I despair of the young women in the photographs above, in danger of the state they’re in possibly leading them to circumstances where they could wake up in someone’s bed the following morning, possibly having been subjected to multiple partner sex, unprotected at that, without ever being aware of it.

Slightly different for the young man in the yellow shorts. It’s unlikely he’s going to be bothering any females that night, and the only danger he poses is to himself, in danger of falling off a balcony, drowning in the sea, being hit by a car while trying to cross the road…

It isn’t a good look, for any of those photographed. Obviously we’ve no idea of the back story to the ‘knicker flashing’ photo, whether at the beginning of the night or the end, but at least we know that the quartet (three photographed and another taking the photo) are together and just being a bit silly on holiday.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this all.

Clearly I’m well beyond the demographic for Club 18-30 type holidays, and never did those types of holidays when I was within the demographic anyway, so I’m writing from a point of relative ignorance in that regard. However, Pookes has gone on that type of holiday in the past and says…

‘It was just an ever-increasing spiral of madness. More and more alcohol, lost days as hangovers were nursed and for some -not me, thankfully- blackout days where you have no recollection of the previous 24 hours. That’s scary. While we all have the right to be foolish when we’re young, that’s a different level of foolish. The ever-present boorish, testosterone filled lads on their own first freedom abroad with absolutely no respect for females who were treated as something to be used and discarded. I’m not a prude, and there were times in my life where I’ve been no angel, but I like to think I always had a little more respect for myself than that.’

So what’s the naturist angle? What’s the SL angle?

There are times when group bravado could be a good thing, drawing the quieter members of a group out of their shell and creating a fundamental sea-change in their attitudes, such as my embracing of naturism, and situations wherein the normalisation of nudity or semi-nudity occurs. I can only see the more outgoing members of a group encouraging the more timid to, for example, indulge in topless sunbathing as a positive thing. The more nudity, or semi-nudity, that exists in the world, the more healthy the world’s approach to it will be.

And there are times when quite obviously (see the photos above), it’s definitely a bad thing. What’s your take on it all, particularly with regard to incidents where nudity occurs? Was it group pressure that led to your own full or semi-nude public debut?

As for the SL angle…follow the link to our supplemental post on the issue. Am I preaching? Am I sermonising? Yes, I am. In the right circumstances public nudity is fine, wholesome, nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. The trick is to recognise those right circumstances.

Ella & Pookes

Midnight Lotus Platinum Edition male genitals

I don’t cyber in SL. My husband is sometimes away on business, so I guess that were we to go online together, it’s something that we could do, but it’s not something that has ever appealed to me.

As a result, I guess we could easily use the best free penis in SL, Midnight Lotus’s ‘Chrome edition’, something we’ve blogged on again and again in a hope to get some of SL’s male avatars to ‘keep it real’.

The Chrome edition, in case you didn’t know, is realistically sized and coloured. It’s free, and its non-scripted, i.e. there are no ‘working parts’. As a male you won’t be able to make your genitalia erect or ejaculate, for example.

Again, this wouldn’t concern us as we’re going to SL naturist sims where, just like RL naturist locations, an erection is never seen. So the Chrome would have worked for us.

In the end, though, Mr. Keng opted for Midnight Lotus’s Silver edition when joined SL.

When passing nipples to me, Hasuko (see this post for how this exchange took place) also passed a copy of her Platinum Edition to Mr. Keng. 🙂

Honestly, I’m married to such a wuss!!!!

It’s as if I’d asked him to go naked in public. Oh….wait! 🙂

jim penis1 foreskin_001b


As with the Callisto nipples, there’s a whole slew of add-ons which come as standard. For example, the flick of a switch could switch Mr. Keng from circumcised to uncircumcised. Other editions require an add-on foreskin to create the uncut look. However, Mr’Keng is cut in RL, something of a rarity in Europe, so I imagine he’ll keep to his cut ‘profile’.

Linden Labs are an American company, and the overwhelming majority of its users American. As the majority of US males are still circumcised, this is a penile profile that would have dominated SL, and in my early days of playing the game I don’t think there were ‘uncut’ penises around (although, obviously, pre-blogging days, it wasn’t something I needed to research thoroughly).

Now, obviously, almost every penis available in SL offers cut and uncut versions, or as with Hasuko’s Platinum edition, both in the same unit. I think this is a brilliant idea, as it certainly allows male European players to more accurately reflect their own real lives.

I’ve never got myself ‘fitted out’ with any female genitalia, so the ‘pee’ options were new to me on the Platinum edition, but interesting nonetheless.

In a SL naturist environment, such things would not be something I’d ever have encountered before, I have to say.

jim penis2 pee_001b

Thanks to the proliferation of badly made, oversized, badly coloured free and cheap penises around, permanently erect, I can’t say that SL erections are something new to me but once more, in an SL naturist environment -the vast majority of my SL playing time- it’s just not happening.

It’s not something we’d usually cover, but in the interests of thoroughness….

jim penis3 erect_001b


As with the nipples, everything is adjustable easily and comprehensively, including the size of the penis or testicles, the colour and even the speed at which the male ejaculates. It was at this point that Mr. Keng protested. 🙂 ‘I am not going there!!!!’ he wailed.

No. He’s probably correct. It’s not really a ‘naturist’ aspect of SL, but genitals and skins on display certainly are part of our remit.

I have to say that it’s a great looking penis, and with an enormous number of variables that come as standard. In value for money terms, I would say it outranks some other brands and, from a personal perspective, I think it is enormously superior to some of the more expensive brands.

I would suggest that this should probably be a male genitalia of choice for all SL users. Another superb product by Hasuko!


The Su Casa blog

While we’re on the topic of updating you all on SL naturist related blogging activity, let me remind you that Gray Muircastle has been keeping Su Casa’s blog constantly updated, with an emphasis on RL naturist news that catches his eye.

new su casa logo resized


For photo-journalism related to Su Casa, I should also recommend Stefanie Stringer’s Flickr presence, where you can see a full album of photos from Su Casa’s 4th birthday party (something I missed! 😦 )



Bare Babble and Banter

Let me point you at the blogsite of SLN’s long standing friend, Boo Jacobus.

Boo’s fabulous blog, Bare babble and Banter, ploughs the same sort of furrow as SLN does, with sections dedicated to naturism in RL and another to naturism in SL. If you like the sort of stuff you read here, you’ll also adore Boo’s must-read site.



There are some stunning SL naturist photos on Boo’s site too! 🙂



Midnight Lotus Callisto nipples

It was my absolute pleasure to talk to Hasuko Kuramoto at Commune Utopia’s Friday evening dance. If you don’t know, she owns and runs Midnight Lotus, a company that specialises in SL genitalia.

Midnight Lotus have a Marketplace presence, and have a store inworld, plus other outlets at sims like Wild Coast.



Anyway, our attention was drawn away from those around us to IMs….shop talk!…Hasuko talking about her hopes and plans for Midnight Lotus in the future, and me doing the same regarding SLN.

At some point in the conversation I started moaning about skins in some stores coming with nipple pasties attached so that you can’t properly get the full effect.

‘Try these’, laughed Hasuko, and passed me her Callisto nipples set, which I’ve spent a bit of the afternoon playing with, so to speak 🙂 , and concluding that these are marvellous!


I’ve got a skin I like but the nipples aren’t quite me. I might have been able to make a more qualified judgement on the skin had the store offered full disclosure over what can be found in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. But these will solve that problem, as I can now change the size of areola, the skin tone, the direction of them (kind of upwards in my case) and have total control over making them as unique to me as nipples are to everyone else on the planet.


In the first photo I’m wearing them ‘out of the box’. Not my colour and not perfectly fitted…I wanted the photograph to show that they’re easily applied and can then be ‘fine tuned’ later as you experiment with the extensive control hud that offers full flexibility.


Picture 2 shows them with a different skin tone. Again, I’ve not fine tuned them for a perfect fit, that would take a few minutes to get absolutely correct, but it has only been a couple of clicks from the default to something that is now starting to look like me. 🙂



The nipples also offer some other interesting options. I’m almost beyond the point in life where I need to express milk 🙂 and I’ve certainly no plans to go through that again. But if you’re role-playing a new mother, then options such as these are terrific, and included as standard – there’s no need to purchase add-ons!


Again, an aversion to needles means that I’ve only ever had piercings done once in RL, on my ear lobes, when I was about 15. One piercing got infected and uncomfortable, so I took the studs out and have never since had my ears, or anything else, pierced. Certainly not my nipples!

However, there are plenty in SL who do like pierced nipples, and once again Hasuko has created a work of genius, by adding in about a dozen different nipple piercing styles as standard, and which will fit your nipples at the click of a button. No adjustment necessary!

What I’m going to say is that I’ve tried nipple piercings in SL over the years, but couldn’t really warm to them. Just too much adjustment was needed to the point where they became irritating. These, though, are the best I’ve ever tried and there is so much flexibility in them!

I’m currently at the stage shown in the second photo, and I’ll continue to fine-tune them to be a perfect fit when I get a moment away from RL to give them proper attention.

Every woman should own a pair of these! In terms of avatar enhancement, they’re one of the best items I’ve ever encountered.