World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is the first Saturday in May…that’s today!


Sadly, the temperature is a measly 7 degrees where I am, and it’s raining. One spot in Scotland (Braemar) got down to a miserable 1 degree last night! And the calendar says May????







Despite our miserable weather, it should hopefully be warmer and sunnier wherever you are. And if not, take a leaf out of Jack’s book, and indulge in observing some beautifully laid-out gardens that are freely available in SL.





Walk the (Bra) Walk

We’re keen supporters of breast cancer charities here at SLN, and it’s SL charitable events throughout the year where we’ll dig deepest into our pockets to support these, both financially, and by blogging about the events. No, they’re not naturist events, but it’s important to support awareness about breast cancer, encourage women to check their breasts regularly for any lumps and bumps, and to seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity should such abnormalities make themselves evident.

In different formats, the UK is gearing up for a summer of walks to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities, with Edinburgh and London already holding them in June & July respectively, and Belfast holding one under the name of the ‘ Moonlight Bra Walk’. Inverness is having one under the name of Bra Nicht (this is a play on words and the Scottish accent: there’s a familiar Scottish saying that runs ‘it’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the night’, translatable as ‘it’s a bright moonlit night tonight’ and popularised by music hall entertainer Harry Lauder). There are probably others, but these were the first that turned up in a Google search for info on the walks.

I know that there’s no bra walks going on in SL right now, but Maai have a group gift out that will be totally suitable when breast cancer awareness events commence in SL later in the year.

A substantial amount of pink is in the lingerie set (available for L$0, no group join fee), and I was made aware of it by Malgorzata, an SL friend of maybe 4-5 years standing. When I first started blogging on Emmanuelle’s now defunct blog Malgorzata was the ‘poses, swimwear and lingerie model’ on the blog and old habits die hard 🙂

Still a keen collector of swimwear and lingerie, it’s my old friend (below) who is modelling this Maai group gift. Grab it for your ‘pink ribbon’ events later in the year!

mal pinkblue lingerie_001b

mal pinkblue lingerie2_001b