Lack of posts over the past week

There haven’t been so many posts over the past week or so. Several reasons…

1. I’m working on a couple of longer projects.

2. It was a Bank Holiday weekend, so we were enjoying the great outdoors, away from home, and making a concerted effort to de-tox from technology. Rather refreshing it was too!

3. My laptop seemed to bluetooth to my main computer and as a result all of my SL links have disappeared! 😦 As a result any free time in the past few days has been spent rebuilding that folder of links I use day and daily.

charlotte naked dreams_001b

Charlotte at ‘Naked Dreams’

By way of illustration for this post, I’m publishing a photo of my friend Charlotte, who joined SL around the same time I did and whose first avatar look I referenced in my previous post.

Charlotte doesn’t play SL much anymore, being more occupied with her role as a relatively new mother, but she still IMs me from time to time.

ella charlotte start up

But I thought it would be nice to show the difference between an avatar’s first look and a more recent look (in the case of the top photo, from earlier this year).


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