Love Padlock Bridge

Here’s a thing I discovered earlier today. Not naturist, but such a sweet idea that I couldn’t not blog about it.

It’s a Love Padlock Bridge. 🙂

Some bridges in real life now have padlocks added, with the names of those who’ve locked their love together etched onto them. You may have one of these in a town or city where you live.



Paris -the city of love- is apparently trying to get rid of them after part of a bridge collapsed under the sheer weight of the locks.

Never mind. You can now add a lock on SL’s own Padlock Love Bridge. The sim is Polish, but there’s enough instructions around in English to make the task of adding your own lock very easy.

Next to the bridge you’ll find a rack of new padlocks. Click on it to get instructions as how to add your own. I won’t cover all the details, but essentially you IM the owner, send a photo, and they add your lock, with your message and your photo to the bridge. You can also click on other people’s padlocks to read their messages and view a photo of them together if you wish.

love padlock_001b

love padlock2_001b

love padlock3_001b


If you do decide to add a lock to the bridge, and are a naturist couple in SL, and have discovered the bridge through SLN, please write and let me know your story. (IM Eva Pookes in world). We would love to hear about SL and naturism bringing couples together. 🙂




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