VE Day

Something I wasn’t aware of, but picked up via Vana Disser’s blog, was that SL Amsterdam was commemorating VE Day. After almost six years of war, Nazisim was defeated and victory in Europe was declared on May 8th, 1945.

We’ve had all manner of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2, and I listened to a church service broadcast from Westminster Abbey this morning on BBC radio.



My own grandfather and great-grandfather spent the day in Trafalgar Square. Both, who knows, are maybe in the middle of the seething mass of people photographed above.

Where evil exists, it is incumbent on all of us to face up to it, whether it’s in the form of Nazism, someone bullying someone for wearing a hijab, or someone killing because they don’t like the work of some cartoonists. All of these things are evil.

Seventy years ago, the world rejoiced that it was over, and we should never forget what a generation did to free us from oppression, and the price they paid. Millions who believed in their need to face down fascism didn’t get to witness the victory. Millions more paid the ultimate price for being the ‘wrong’ religion.

ve day_001b


I’m slightly shamed by the fact that SLN did not commemorate the event. Often, we try to reflect the real world in what we write, and report on how that’s portrayed in SL. This time, we got it wrong by not making some commemoration on the day.

I suspect we weren’t alone. It seems that only SL Amsterdam have reflected this, with images of the Dutch King and Queen laying wreathes in Dam Square folded into the sim.

It’s vital that we remember what might now seem like distant, historical events. It’s only by commemorating these things, and keeping them alive, that we remember the circumstances that led to war and the deaths of millions, so best to ensure we never repeat horrors like that again.

We live in an increasingly divided, insular and tense world. It’s important to reflect on that, and ensure that we strive for mutual respect and understanding.





The Newbie (Nudie) Experience, Part 3

Last week I did a trio of posts intended to illustrate how quickly a new avatar could get away from the mess of their mesh newly born avatar and construct something better looking. You can read those posts here, here, and here. (Part 2 was split into two parts highlighting both the male & female experience).

Let me retire the two avatars I registered to conduct the experiment, and simply pick this up under my own main avi, Ella, to try and give some indication of where to go and what to do once in SL and trying to experience virtual naturism.

I’ve said before that it does replicate the RL genuine naturist experience very well in some respects in that SL naturism isn’t cliquey, and welcomes newcomers (regardless of age) into the naturist fold, and you will find that if you say ‘hello’, you’ll quickly fall into conversation and make friends. Even if you don’t say ‘hello’, there’ll be someone who will say ‘hello’ to you and be giving of their time and experience to help you learn the ropes. Exactly as it is in RL naturist circles.

Of course, in RL you need to find out where a naturist club is located. And you may also wish to do some research to satisfy yourself that it it genuinely naturist, not just a ‘swingers’ club pretending to be something it isn’t. Similar research is probably required in SL, because there are a number of sims which will advertise themselves as one thing, naturist/nudist, but turn out to be something else entirely, a sex sim.

SLN isn’t about sex, although we’ve occasionally referenced places where cybersex may be available, but isn’t ‘in your face’. In real life, naturists will say ‘oh, naturism isn’t about sex’. Undoubtedly true, in the main, but let’s not pretend that naturism isn’t entirely devoid of sex. I speak as someone whose children were both conceived while on naturist holidays! ūüėČ

What RL naturists mean is that it’s not ‘in your face’, it’s not some mass orgy. And with an ageing naturist population, average age 50+ (?) is unlikely to be about sex, much.

If you wish to combine naturism -more strictly defined in this instance as ‘nudity’- with cybersex, you can probably do so. Indeed, you may make quite platonic relationships within genuine naturist sims that you might then develop into something more pixyical ūüôā (a portmanteau word I’ve just made up, of ‘pixel’ and ‘physical’, I’ve no idea how better to describe it) elsewhere. Where you go and what you do when you get there, having left the naturist beach, is none of my concern.

The purpose of this post is simply to point you in the direction of some of SL’s best naturist sims, genuine naturist sims, and also provide a few search tips on how to seek out the best locations.

In north America, in RL, the term ‘nude beach’ is often applied to what we in Europe would call a ‘topless’ beach, and isn’t fully nude at all. It’s something worth pointing out when conducting SL searches, as a search for ‘nude beach’ might not provide the full, naturist experience. Equally, in RL the words ‘naturist’ and ‘nudist’ are interchangeable, so if you’re doing searches for ‘nudist beach’ remember that the search term ‘naturist beach’ may throw up a different set of results. Furthermore, in Europe, naturist beaches are often referenced as ‘FKK’.




I point this put because, in the early days of my Second Life, I once referenced an ‘FKK’ beach, and my American friend thought I was mis-spelling, or using shorthand for, a very rude word.

Yes, I was using shorthand, but for the German word freikoerperkultur, which means ‘free body culture’. The culture of those who embrace a free body. Naturism, in other words. Around Europe, not just in Germany, this three letter acronym is now universal shorthand for ‘naturist beach’. ‘FKK plage’ signs will be seen in France, ‘FKK playa’ signs will be seen in Spain. And ‘FKK Strand’ signs will be seen in Germany, birthplace of the modern naturist movement.

A search for ‘FKK’ will, therefore, throw up a different set of results using SL’s search facility.

naturist search

SL’s ‘places’ search facility gives a list of the top ‘naturist’ locations.

nudist search

While searching for the word ‘nudist’ provides an entirely different set of results

fkk search


‘FKK’, in the meantime, throws up a third set of results.

I’m not going to propose listing every naturist beach in SL. What I will say is that, even searching for certain terms will not guarantee a genuine naturist beach is at the other end of the teleport…

At least a couple of locations immediately identify themselves as not being ‘naturist’, per se, describing themselves as permitting ‘nude or swimwear acceptable’ places them more in the category of ‘clothing optional’. That’s fine. I’m not criticising them. On the contrary, they’ve clearly identified their style, and it’s simply the vagaries of SL search that has led them to place their sims within the ‘naturist’ or ‘nudist’ category when ‘clothing optional’ would be a more accurate description. While ‘clothing optional’ will throw up further and different results, let’s face it, ‘clothing optional’ isn’t the first search term that springs to mind. Hence these places tagging themselves as nudist or naturist.

As you click on each location you’ll often get a description of the place (plus further tags listed). I do despair when the tags run…’nudist naturist fkk beach nude naked BDSM whore slut f*** orgy‘. Hmm..not very genuine as a naturist place, is it? Sometimes I do have conversations with sim owners and plead with them not word their tags in that manner for two reasons. One, it associates genuine naturism with an unwholesome association and reputation and two, regardless of whoever you’re trying to attract to a sim, words like ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ are never appropriate in any circumstances. No one listens, of course.


While children aren’t visible within SL, it’s still a family image that SLN-and many terrific sims (some of which are listed below) tries to portray within the game.

The emphasis should be on social nudity, devoid of overt sexuality.


Fun and social nudity without sex.



SIX OF THE BEST! Our favourite genuine naturist sims as of May, 2015.

Eden Naturopolis¬†A massive 20+ sim archipelago, which allows for all manner of (nude) sailing opportunities. Effectively a naturist city within SL. There are other locations within Eden that are almost like standalone sims within sims, such as the excellent ‘Naked Dreams’ sim.

Su Casa An island paradise, long standing presence in SL and well run. A superb balloon ride can be taken over the island.

7 Hills Another long standing sim, German owned, so expect to see signs in German. Beautifully laid out, and with the added delight of naked horse riding (Su Casa offers this too).

Lupe’s Magical Forest¬†While the other sims are ‘free’ to experience, Lupe’s has a membership fee. It’s worth paying for an entirely different naturist experience: a forested sim very reminiscent of some French RL naturist locations.

Blue Lagoon Part of the Eden Naturopolis sim, but semi-autonomous within the Naturopolis family.

Eden Pearl A new kid on the block, but reminiscent of Croatian naturist locations, and offers a slightly different feel.

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list. It’s just a list of our favourite, reliable, long standing and (most importantly) genuine naturist sims. SL Naturist always tries to keep abreast of what’s happening in the SL nudosphere, so keep checking back for reports from new locations, with photos and reports from these blogged regularly.