La Vian & Co


This isn’t a naturist post, but I couldn’t let the fact that La Vian & Co. are currently running a ‘free group join’ (until May 20th) pass without comment. Their group is usually a few hundred Linden dollars to join.

What’s more exciting, for me, as an ‘older looking avatar’ is that, amongst the 100(!!!!!) or so free group gifts, all in mesh, are numerous items that are well suited to an ‘older looking avatar’.

This is, I think, slightly problematic for any of us who wish to operate a middle-aged avi, with designers doing stuff better suited to younger avatars. Really, does a mini skirt look good, look right, on an older woman? From my point of view, no. It’s a bit ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ in many instances.

There are clothes that suit a younger person (in and out of SL) and clothes that suit older people (in and out of SL).

I’m thrilled that there are numerous outfits, amongst the 100 or so available at La Vian, that are better suited to the older looking avi.

barbara la vian outfit_001b


I don’t propose to show a whole bunch of outfits here, we’re not a clothes blog, but just remind you that even naturist avatars need to dress and look the part from time to time ‘in character and in character style’ and, well, over 100 mesh outfits for free? In a variety of styles that are suited to the older avatar too? What’s not to like?