ترحيب، أصدقائي السوري

syriaترحيب، أصدقائي السوري

I hope that translates correctly. It should say ‘Welcome my Syrian friends’.

Why Syria? I’ve just been checking the stats and spotted that we’ve had 41 views from Syria today.

If I read UK news sources the main news from Syria revolves around Islamic State making a push on the city of Palmyra, being repelled, but the danger not yet being over.

Of course, I can’t drill down the figures any further to ascertain whether those visiting from Syria are searching for naturism in general, or SL naturism, or simply Second Life in general.

Whatever it is, it’s heartening to know that for all of the issues facing Syria right now, there are those for whom the matters of naturism, or Second Life, or both, are an issue. Within naturism, we’re all one big global family of humanity. The same values exist within Second Life. Stay well and stay safe, my friend/friends, whoever you are, and I wish you peace and good health.



edited to add: there’s a total of 127 views from Syria in the entire time that SLN has been published, with 1/3rd of those views today. As I checked the figures further, it was a delight to see both Palestinian Territories and Israel sit cheek by jowl on the viewing stats as well! 🙂 When rid of the politics, we’re just people with the same hopes, fears, wishes and aspirations. That’s naturism for you, that’s Second Life for you!

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