Nude cruising

The UK election is behind us, thank goodness. There were times it felt like the campaign resembled WW1 in terms of duration, to the point where I doubted it would ‘be all over by Christmas‘.

And with that, the Daily Mail, our very own resident immigrant loathing, right wing rag, has returned to its normal diet of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and B-list celebrity trivia.

I’ve had the conversation, inworld, recently about my ‘fondness’ for the Daily Mail. I was mocked for it! 🙂 It’s not a ‘fondness’, as such, just that it can be relied upon to have a steady stream of ‘clothes off’ stories.

So, today, in clear recognition that the post-election debate is now over, there’s a story about nude cruises.

A growing trend, we learn.


Pixellation. Clearly none of us know what a bare bottom looks like.

I’m pleased to read that the reporter delivers her account in a factual, non-judgemental way, although the comments section contains the usual to-be-expected idiotic responses. I know comments sections are popular in the online versions of newspapers nowadays, but honestly, we could probably live without a series of inane comments from people who, because of their attitude, are unlikely to be taking a nude cruise, thus rendering their opinion valueless.

I have to confess that a cruise, nude or not, would not be for me, despite their popularity.

Is it something you can do in SL? Not nude, but I note that there’s certainly a cruise ship you can visit. It appears to have all of the things you could reasonably expect to find on a RL cruise ship, cinema, swimming pool, etc, but I didn’t explore it in a huge amount of depth.

cruise ship_001b

SL’s very own cruise ship

Of course, naked sailing is very much a thing in SL, and your obvious point of entry to that particular lifestyle, something I keep saying we’ll report on in SLN, is Eden Naturopolis and the expanses of water around the archipelago of islands. I’m going to have to say here and now that this is something we really need to knuckle down to and cover in some depth. and utilising a variety of craft, in the coming weeks.


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