Real Life catches up with Second Life.

Ireland has voted to permit same-sex marriage, the first country on the face of the globe to do this by popular vote.


I blogged about this last week, and hoped that this would be the result in order to create equality for same-sex couples.


Listening to the radio this evening, I learn that there’s a huge party going on in Dublin tonight, as the country voted, by a majority of 2:1, to change the country’s constitution and legalise same-sex marriage.


I’m delighted for everyone who wishes to seal their love with a marriage certificate and equal rights. That includes one Irish SL friend who is already partnered within SL and was hoping that this would be the result so that he could replicate what he has already done in a virtual world in real life. I IM’ed him earlier and he came back in the past few minutes, prior to heading out to the Temple Bar district of Dublin to celebrate in RL, to say he was thrilled.

ori cec_001-002b_Fotor

Ori & his boyfriend celebrate Ireland’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage (note: photo from SLN library, not taken tonight)





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