Be proud, you’re beautiful

I’m delighted to read Mischa’s post on the SL Destinations R Us blog, wherein she comments on the issue of body-shaming, and how people, particularly young women, are subjected to pressure from a beauty image.8374956812_8e0cc045b5_z

For a while some of us who are less mainstream in our SL blogging have been saying the same thing, but it rather appears that that sense of fighting back against the shape-shamers has boiled over into SL’s more popular clothes blogs, that we as a community of SL bloggers are now all beginning to say the same thing, that enough is enough.


Time to be proud of who you are, regardless of what a beauty industry says.



2 thoughts on “Be proud, you’re beautiful

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  2. It’s so disheartening that “shape-shaming” exists in Second Life; one would hope that we could leave that viscous real world practice behind when we enter the virtual one. Yet another reason why SL Naturalism is appealing, as I’d imagine that nude-friendly communities are probably amongst the least likely to share body criticism and are amongst the most welcoming!

    Also, thank you for linking to SL Destinations R Us – yet another great blog to add to my feed! 🙂

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