The Fab Free ‘Heatwave’ event : Pookes’ selection



My selection from the ‘Heatwave’ event at Fab Free HQ? It looks like I did pick up a couple of the same outfits Ella did, so I won’t reblog them and instead show the ones that Ella didn’t spot, buy or blog.

howie and pookes heatwave_001b


Howie was online at the same time I was, so I yo’ed him over to the Wash and he picked up a pair of cargo shorts he liked while I was buying the gypsy skirt you see me wearing in the photos above and below. The pose we’re in is another L$10 grab at the cart sale.

pookes gypsy_001b

pookes gypsy2_001b


I also picked up the ‘Indian summer’ set. Ella just modelled the skirt, but I’ve popped on the ‘choli’ (blouse) that matches it.

pookes sarong_001b


Ooh! I love this sarong. Just the thing to put on when heading to or from the beach. I note that there are dozens of bikini choices available in an assortment of cuts, styles and colours, but I opted not to buy them. Not a thing I’d wear on the beach! 🙂 Of course, if you aren’t naturist, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

dirty feet_001b


Something I liked, but didn’t buy, was this item from the ‘Battle Fairy’ cart…any of you who’ve visited the volcanic sand beaches of Gran Canaria will know all about how ‘dirty’ your feet look with the black sand, so certainly a thing of added realism to match the black sand on the beaches there. I opted not to buy simply because I wasn’t sure if the addition of slink feet was necessary to make them work properly, but I do like the idea of them as an added touch.



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