The Secret Room : Pose Fair

There’s a cute little pose fair on at The Secret Room, with a bunch of dirt-cheap poses on sale. Some priced as little as L$3, and a couple of freebies dotted around.

jim and ella_001b


I particularly liked this one (photo above) because it reminds me so much of us grabbing the last rays of the sun, squeezing the pips out of our last night on holiday. Sure, we’re on the beach most evenings when it’s cooler and suitable for the children, then we head back to the apartment, shower up and dress to go out for dinner, assuming the sea air hasn’t reduced the children into two little sleepy-heads!

jim and ella2_001b


This one isn’t us, as such. We don’t do ‘goofy’ 🙂 but it’s a fun pose. I grabbed a bunch more that I’ll utilise in photographs in the coming days and weeks.




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