RL gets busy…


For the next three weeks or so I’m up to my eyes with work, so unfortunately I won’t be blogging from Monday to Thursday over that time. Weekends are still free, so I’ll be trying to binge-post between Friday evening and Sunday evening over that period.



Pookes has said she’ll maybe try and pick up a bit of the slack, and any SLN contributors are free to post to our Flickr site. I did intend to post this last night, Sunday, but you’ve guessed it…a mountain of work got in the way and I ended up ploughing through that rather than getting onto SL or blogging for SLN. Things settle after that and, indeed, I’ll be off to Spain for our first naturist holiday of the summer. The way things are going, weather-wise here in the UK, it will possibly be our first taste of summer sunshine! I’ve refused, on principle, to put the heating on in June, but let me tell you I’m sitting here typing this wearing my dressing gown over my sweat pants and top.

Heavy rain and wind here, and temperatures just into double figures for this, the first day of June and the first day of summer. From past experience I know that the heat hits us hard when we do land in Spain, as we’ve not got used to the temperatures and thus the heat seems particularly oppressive for a day or two.

All things being equal, I shall see you all back here on Friday when I try to squeeze the first of a number of weekend posts in during the weekend, a pattern that will, as I say, continue until almost the end of the month.




FGM outlawed in Nigeria

Previously, we’ve touched on the topic of FGM, female genital mutilation, or female circumcision. In one of his final acts as outgoing President, Goodluck Jonathan has outlawed the practice, and it’s believed that there will now be renewed pressure on the remaining African nations who still observe the practice to follow suit.



Back in March we reported that, in the UK, females examined and found to possess a clit ring, for example, would be reported to have undergone FGM. Not quite the same thing, and a bit of a ‘hammer to crack a peanut’ policy (not untypical of some slack thinking British politicians).

It’s good to see this, to my mind, and probably yours, barbaric practice banned in Nigeria, but it’s hard to see how something culturally ingrained over centuries can simply disappear with the stroke of a pen. That said, we should welcome the President’s actions and hope other nations follow suit.




Virtual Identities and Choice

Virtual Identities and Choice.

originally posted on Kat’s blog.

An excellent argument as to why you don’t need to be on Facebook, the black plague of social media, in my opinion, although there’s not an enormous amount of difference between any of them.

It isn’t ‘free’ as they like to tell you. You ‘pay’ with your personal details. I’ve also written before about how I object to their moral compass, a world wherein videos of beheadings pass muster while ‘nude’ -or simply breast-feeding Mums- are banned. What does that say about the world in which Facebook operate?



Kat makes some excellent points, and offers alternatives and solutions to avatars ‘need’ to operate on social media such as Facebook.