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Images ©2015 Sachin Parekh via Facebook

It appears we’re in hashtag heaven/hell today.

I’ve been taken to task for what one reader sees as my blanket dismissal of social media, and she suggests that ‘social media can often do good’. I don’t think that I can argue with the messages in the images (above) that she pointed me towards, as all reflect some people’s bullying of one another and the consequences of bullying.

The final image, though, sums up my cynicism towards social media.


A familiar ‘I bet most of you won’t claim, and the kicker that you should be part of the 1% who share. Go on, you know you want to feel good about yourself, so click that button!

I’ve written about this before: we’re looking at this all wrong. The messages in society are ‘girls, don’t get drunk and get raped’ rather than ‘boys, treat women with respect and don’t rape or assault women’. The message in respect of this social media meme should be less ‘share and feel good about yourself in doing so and demonstrate your sense of caring’ and more of ‘teach your children these values so that it’s part of our societal DNA, not something (young) people need to be reminded to do (or not do)’.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the messages being delivered on social media. There is something wrong where it’s social media who push things which should be learnt at a mother’s bosom before a child can walk.

I accept the reader’s premise for thinking about the issues in the manner she does, but it does not convince me that drivel like Facebook should be core to our sense of values (particularly when they seem to persist with the idea that videos of beheadings are acceptable).


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