Boy shirt: borrowing from HIS virtual suitcase

It rather looks as though Ella and I have been in sort of the same territory today. She’s already blogged her ‘beach tunic’, while I’ve been busy on the Menshunt. Yes, you read that right. There’s another Menshunt on right now and I do like to check out some of the men’s stores and hunts out because, admit it, we girls all like to appropriate bits and pieces from our boyfriends’, husbands’ and signifcant others’ wardrobes, don’t we?

I know that I certainly like to dig through Mr. Pookes’ wardrobe from time to time and mix ‘n’ match bits of his clothing with bits of mine. Of course, not everything works, but I have been known to appropriate shirts and T-shirts on a regular basis.

So I saw a cardigan at the FFM (Fashion & Freebies for Men) blog and headed on over to Black Label Menswear to try and grab it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the hunt item, but I did spot a free group gift at the entrance of a plaid shirt, and I knew I had to grab that while there.

pookes shirt_001b


Yeah, we’ve all hopped out of bed and thrown one of his shirts on before, haven’t we?

It’s not designed for the female body 😉 so even in its XL size my boobs are peeping through the mesh. Either an XXL size or breast reduction is required 🙂

pookes shirt2_001b


I don’t care! I think it’s a nice bit of casual wear, and could, at a pinch, be pressed into service as a beach cover up. I’ve never owned a beach tunic in the manner Ella describes hers, but I have had holidays, at home and abroad, where a man’s shirt has been used as nightwear as well as something I’ve thrown on while wandering about a terrace or balcony. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve also used his boxer shorts as nightwear too. I draw the line at wearing them second-hand, lol. If he buys sets with, for example, superhero motifs on them you can be sure I’ll sneak at least one pair fresh out of the pack to use as summer pyjama bottoms.


Beach tunic: a virtual naturist suitcase posting

I’m grateful to the Sweet Pitulandia blog for posting this item, and something that will go into my virtual naturist suitcase as well as already being something I own in real life and which is one of the first items that goes into the real life suitcase.

Yes, it’s a gorgeous beach tunic, and as I say it’s an item I own and use almost daily on my naturist holidays. It can be chilly first thing in the morning, even in Spain in summer, so if I wake early a tunic like this is something I’ll throw on while making a nice cup of tea to drink on the terrace while also drinking in the atmosphere. I’ve risen before dawn, often, and the bats can be seen flitting around in blue-black light before the birds begin their morning symphony. It’s memories like this that money can’t buy.

ella beach tunic3_001b



The tunic comes with a bikini in a matching colour. Yes, I own and pack one of those too, you never know when you may end up in a textile situation, even on naturist vacations, but I’ve not bothered to unpack it or wear it for SL purposes.

The tunic can be found at the Emporium Showroom event, and it and the bikini are priced at L$100 for all three items. While I was there, I managed to spot some poses. I’m a sucker for poses. L$65 for the pose being struck in the photo above, and there’s a naturist holiday reason why it captured my imagination.


The tides near Vera Playa tend to erode the beach, and to prevent this happening further, the authorities built a breakwater (see the photo above). Naturists being naturists, it was turned into a landmark, and day and daily you will see naturists posing to take photographs of one another at the end of the breakwater. And yes, I’ve had my own photograph taken there.


x marks the spot

I’ve repeated the photograph, it’s not an upload error 🙂 because ‘x’ marks the spot where I often swim, just tucked in behind the breakwater. It’s a favoured spot because you can leave your shoes (or beach tunic, or keys) on one of the rocks that forms the breakwater, and because of the breakwater I find that even when the seas are slightly rougher it’s still a spot where you can swim without being buffeted, knocked off your feet or get out of your depth readily.

The pose in the top photograph is often one struck by naturists, particularly early in the morning, as the sun is coming up behind them and it’s a pose that seems, well, life-affirming. To be naked there as a fresh day dawns, breathing in and exhaling with pleasure at the sense of paradise that prevails…it’s almost become a naturist beach cliche. There must literally be thousands of us who’ve posed there, and in similar poses too, over the decade or so the breakwater has been in existence.

ella beach tunic_001b

We keep out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, but as it begins to sink down again, we’ll take the children to the beach. Once more, as shadows lengthen and parts of the beach fall into shade, a beach tunic like this can be thrown on to provide a little protection from the chill one can experience. I’m delighted to have picked these items up, and you can be sure the tunic will be in the virtual naturist suitcase.





My nude debut : Sylvia

As I’ll be on holiday with Sylvia, I thought that I’d get her to tell us a bit more about herself. She’s not an SL player, so the photos we’ll be using are from one of my alts, the ‘Eve’ that gets rolled out a couple of times a year. I’ve tried to create a bit of a resemblance to the real life Sylvia in terms of hair length and colour, and also in terms of her style (which isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do on an ‘alt’ I don’t wish to spend money on).

sylvia style1


The photo I used yesterday in introducing her wasn’t quite her style, as I recall. A forty year old woman doesn’t really go out in booty shorts and nothing but a bra under her jacket. 🙂

The leather studded jacket was, however, very much ‘Sylvia style’. It certainly was the last time I saw her in real life, paired up with a shirt and a pair of jeans. Going bra-less with a tank top is also something that would qualify as ‘Sylvia style’.

I’ve not spoken to her in advance of relating her nude debut, but we’ve spoken enough of it in the past for me to be able to describe it.

As is the case for many of us, a car offers our teenage selves the chance to spread our wings in terms of independence, and so it was when Sylvia and her contemporaries began to drive. In the UK, almost everyone begins to learn to drive when they turn 17, and many people will be given a set of driving lessons for their 17th birthday. This was how it was for me, although it’s rather daunting learning to drive in central London! In Europe, people aren’t quite so eager to learn to drive as soon as possible, it seems, and certainly the proliferation of bicycles in Amsterdam, and the compact nature of the city means that many teenagers still prefer to use their bikes, only learning to drive when it becomes necessary, such as getting a place at a university some distance from home, or else when it seems that a job will require it.

A group of friends decided to spend a day at the seaside when one of them got a car, but Sylvia says that it wasn’t even planned as a beach day, they just drove out of Amsterdam and headed north, eventually stopping at a beach called Callantsoog. None of the party were aware it was a naturist beach. After much giggling at the sight of the naturists on the beach, typical teen bravado and dares were offered.

After much ‘I will if you will’ challenges, coupled to the fact that it was unplanned, so no one had brought towels or swimwear, the mixed group began to encourage one another. As Sylvia remembers it the entire group had stripped down to their underwear on a scorching hot day, and they thought that a swim seemed to be a delightful thought. Go into the sea wearing underwear? Someone logically said that, when back out, they’d have to sit in the car in damp underclothes all the way back to Amsterdam, and it didn’t seem an attractive proposition to any of them. Besides, if they all returned to their clothes, they’d have to remove their underwear to get the rest of their clothes on again to avoid this discomfort on the trip back home. And as it was a naturist beach, and they’d been observing naturists for almost an hour now, didn’t it make sense just to go nude like everyone else?

For me, I think it would have been a daunting prospect. Going nude in front of strangers would certainly be easier than going nude in front of friends you’d known for years. Maybe you quietly liked that guy, or that girl, imagined what it would be like to kiss them, hug them, dance with them, make love with them. Going naked in front of them? Would it not wholly change the nature of the relationship? I say this because I’ve never experienced it in real life. Yes, I’ve seen several female friends fully naked when we’ve taken our children swimming, but I’ve never been in that situation regarding male friends. Of course, I’ve subsequently met naked people on holidays and they’ve become friends, but there’s a different perspective there. What’s your take on this? Would you find it more daunting to strip off in front of someone you’ve known for years as opposed to a total stranger?

Eventually, our little Dutch group did strip naked and run to the sea, hands covering as much as they could manage. By the time they emerged from the waves, all sense of feeling bashful appears to have gone, and they lay around naked on the sand until they’d dried off, after which they dressed and headed home.

For Sylvia, it appears to have been a cathartic moment, and the realisation that she loved the range of feelings being naked outside provided. While her friends saw it as a one-off, wild, teenage experience and a bit of a giggle, Sylvia determined to repeat the experience, pretty much on a weekly basis, for the remainder of her summer holidays, often travelling to Callantsoog alone to spend a couple of hours sunbathing and swimming nude, feeling more relaxed about the experience of being naked outdoors with each subsequent visit. It was on one of these day trips she got into conversation with an elderly couple, she told me, who spoke of their naturist club. Sylvia subsequently joined the club herself, and was thereafter able to enjoy winter-time naturist swims in Amsterdam.

Thus, we reached a point where Sylvia was a confident and ‘experienced’ naturist. I, about 18 months younger than her, was still probably unaware of any such lifestyle and had no idea how much of a role it would play in my life. The rest, you know about. My uncle’s friend owned a cafe in Cap D’Agde, and was looking for staff for the summer. My uncle suggested Sylvia and, in turn, I got invited along.

The instant we got there, Sylvia eagerly went naked when she could, mostly in our apartment. Not that she was afraid of being naked in public, more that neither of us were aware at that time of the naturist etiquette. She would most certainly have walked naked to and from our apartment before and after work, but it took us a couple of weeks to accept it was normal for us to do so at 100am, and walk nude the distance between the cafe and our cramped little apartment.

That first day off we had, Sylvia walked confidently and nonchalantly around the pool area at a time when I was still in a bikini. In a sense it was Sylvia’s devil-may-care lead that I took my cues from. It was in Cap D’Agde that we came of age, in terms of our naturism.

Since then, Sylvia and her family have taken naturist holidays on an annual basis. She’s been nude on a beach while eight months pregnant (something I would not have done!). We’ve spoken about our attraction to the lifestyle. Is there something in our genes that attracts us to it? Is it something we’ve come to simply through exposure and experience of?

I imagine we’ll be discussing these aspects of our naturist lives in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait!