Boy shirt: borrowing from HIS virtual suitcase

It rather looks as though Ella and I have been in sort of the same territory today. She’s already blogged her ‘beach tunic’, while I’ve been busy on the Menshunt. Yes, you read that right. There’s another Menshunt on right now and I do like to check out some of the men’s stores and hunts out because, admit it, we girls all like to appropriate bits and pieces from our boyfriends’, husbands’ and signifcant others’ wardrobes, don’t we?

I know that I certainly like to dig through Mr. Pookes’ wardrobe from time to time and mix ‘n’ match bits of his clothing with bits of mine. Of course, not everything works, but I have been known to appropriate shirts and T-shirts on a regular basis.

So I saw a cardigan at the FFM (Fashion & Freebies for Men) blog and headed on over to Black Label Menswear to try and grab it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the hunt item, but I did spot a free group gift at the entrance of a plaid shirt, and I knew I had to grab that while there.

pookes shirt_001b


Yeah, we’ve all hopped out of bed and thrown one of his shirts on before, haven’t we?

It’s not designed for the female body 😉 so even in its XL size my boobs are peeping through the mesh. Either an XXL size or breast reduction is required 🙂

pookes shirt2_001b


I don’t care! I think it’s a nice bit of casual wear, and could, at a pinch, be pressed into service as a beach cover up. I’ve never owned a beach tunic in the manner Ella describes hers, but I have had holidays, at home and abroad, where a man’s shirt has been used as nightwear as well as something I’ve thrown on while wandering about a terrace or balcony. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve also used his boxer shorts as nightwear too. I draw the line at wearing them second-hand, lol. If he buys sets with, for example, superhero motifs on them you can be sure I’ll sneak at least one pair fresh out of the pack to use as summer pyjama bottoms.


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