Fully Disclothed

Can I point you at another of those internet photographic projects that appear from time to time? This one’s called Fully Disclothed.

As usual, all photographs will be copyright, so none will be replicated here, but click the link to see the site.

It’s an Irish-Canadian venture, wherein ordinary people pose for the project’s camerapersons, and also provide a short essay on themselves and their relationship with their own nudity, speaking of their growth as a person, and their (body) insecurities.

A further insight into what it’s all about can be read at Totally Dublin.

The project also has its own Twitter presenceĀ 



As one of the subjects in the real project was photographed in her kitchen, I’ve taken the opportunity to use one of our library shots of ‘plus sized’ model Zoftig in her kitchen to attempt to replicate the feel of the project.






Naked Swimming Championships

Something I’ve never written about before, but have been aware of, is that various national naturist organisations hold their own naturist swimming championships, and countries even compete against one another.


A Daily Mail reporter reported on a British event (got to compete and won three bronze medals!) back in 2009, and last month Denmark announced its first championships, which apparently took place in April past, so it’s clearly a growing trend.anapgala10


I mention this now because I’m a regular swimmer, although sadly it’s in a textile environment. I also blogged, back in February, about having a naturist swim in the Western Baths in Glasgow.

That swim moved to the Arlington Baths in April, and a couple of weeks back I got my first experience of one of Scotland’s regular, naturist swims in its new home.

It’s quite a hike for me to reach Arlington Baths, 80 miles and the best part of two hours drive away, so not something -sadly- I’m going to do regularly. A pity. Were I living in the Glasgow area it would be a weekly event for me.

Anyway, I got talking to someone there who is a member of British Naturism. They were keen for me to join. I am keen to support them, but less keen to join things – I’ve never been much one for joining things. Plus, being located where I am I’m not particularly well set to avail of membership to the full. But I did pass along my email address on the basis of being kept aware of events at the baths, times, cost, etc, so that I could, occasionally, make the trek up to Glasgow for a naturist swim.

When I say ‘swim’, I mean ‘swim’. Not for me a gentle length of breaststroke followed by ten minutes of conversation at the pool’s edge. No. When I swim regularly in a textile environment I’m someone who will plough up and down, doing lengths as fast as I can. I swim for vigorous exercise. Yep, it’s into the ‘medium’ lane for length swimming (sometimes the ‘fast’ lane too, depending on who else is in…I’m sort of too quick for medium and not quick enough for fast), rubber hat and goggles on! And I’ll plough up and down for an hour. 50-60-70-80 lengths, depending on how tired I am at the end of a week.

I saw no reason to change my routine for the naturist swim, and so spent the entire time ploughing up and down the length of the pool, albeit with respect for those who wished to be more casual in their approach.

I was surprised, last night, to check my emails (I’m so, so lazy at keeping up to date with them) and find one asking if I, in principle at least, would be willing to allow my name to be put forward to…er…represent my country at a Naturist Swimming Gala/Championship. šŸ™‚

e94c04b725d09dabe39e81fab6d4bc51d65ecaf65378eab74a087c92db109137I’m torn….

One one hand, how cool would it be to say that you’ve represented your country at anything? On the other hand, I’m not a fervent nationalist who wraps themselves in the flag: I see myself as a human being, and citizen of the world, much more than ‘English’ or ‘British’ or anything else. Indeed, I don’t hold much stock in nationality at all. Do I really want to compete for ‘England’ or ‘Britain’? I’m not sure I care that much. I’ve not replied yet, but as things stand it’s unlikely I’ll be crowned ‘Naturist 100m freestyle bronze medal winning female’ in the British, or European, championships.

I’ve never found a proper (i.e. municipal styled) swimming pool in SL. The closest that’s available is Siggy’s Waterworks Island, which sells swimming pools, and Harry’s Outdoor Living, which also offers the type of pool in which someone could swim lengths of the pool. But, sadly, I’ve not found any Victorian styled bath houses with tiled walls, cubicle changing or any of that ‘faded grandeur’ style.

Something, perhaps, for someone to consider when doing a new SL build?



harry's outdoor living_001b


Top and middle: pools from Siggy’s Waterworks Island

Bottom : a pool from Harry’s Outdoor Living