Fully Disclothed

Can I point you at another of those internet photographic projects that appear from time to time? This one’s called Fully Disclothed.

As usual, all photographs will be copyright, so none will be replicated here, but click the link to see the site.

It’s an Irish-Canadian venture, wherein ordinary people pose for the project’s camerapersons, and also provide a short essay on themselves and their relationship with their own nudity, speaking of their growth as a person, and their (body) insecurities.

A further insight into what it’s all about can be read at Totally Dublin.

The project also has its own Twitter presence 



As one of the subjects in the real project was photographed in her kitchen, I’ve taken the opportunity to use one of our library shots of ‘plus sized’ model Zoftig in her kitchen to attempt to replicate the feel of the project.






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