L$1 pose sets from Verocity

A key part of playing SL is the social element. Whether chatting or dancing (or both) with friends or partaking in pixel-sex, it’s all about interaction with others. SL’s at its most enjoyable when you’re interacting, and not just lonesomely tramping around a shopping mall.

The interactive part also extends to digesting some of the many, many blogs that exist about SL, from bloggers showing off clothes, home & garden elements, SL travel blogs or even a lifestyle blog such as this one. I have an extensive, and growing, list of blogs that I will bookmark because the writers have something valuable to say about their chosen subject.

Often, there are insights into how others live their Second Lives, and they will come up with ideas that you might not have thought of yourself, and thus you end up in locations you were previously unaware of.

That’s exactly what happened when I read Ever Afterr’s blog and saw her write about a range of poses available from Verocity Poses on the Marketplace at just L$1 per pose (or set of poses). I like poses, because they animate the photos we take for SLN. As a result of reading Ever’s post, I’ve been spreading the linden love in the direction of Verocity. I’ve managed, as a result, to enhance my own SL because I’ve interacted with someone else’s blog. So thanks for the heads up, Ever!!!!! 🙂

introducing verocity


I’m already in Verocity’s Group, but I wasn’t aware of these super discounted poses. By a strange quirk of fate, a Verocity group notice popped up while I was writing this posting, related to these discounted poses. Synchronicity….

I teleported over there and picked out the pose (above) which isn’t part of the discounted L$1 range. This one is on their Discount Room at L$25. I thought it did have a feel of ‘and….on my right….introducing…’ about it. 🙂

I seem to have spent a bit of time today in SL’s discount rooms, finding stuff that proves that cheap doesn’t mean tacky. Yes, you might have noticed the hairstyle I’m wearing is new, and there’s a post coming up about hair later tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, below, are just three of the poses out of one pack of five I picked up for L$1. I won’t labour the point by doing dozens of poses. You get the picture. They’re cheap but they’re great.

I’ve no idea how many avatars will read or bookmark blogs, but it really is a good way in which to examine and maybe even re-tool your own SL by taking inspiration from some of the remarkable writers and bloggers out there.

ella ice cream5_001b

ella ice cream6_001b

ella ice cream7_001b


Thanks to Ever Afterr for pointing me in the direction of these poses, with the subsequent photos taken near the SL Office at Su Casa.

5 thoughts on “L$1 pose sets from Verocity

      • Oh goodness, I forgot about those! I think I snagged them, but who knows if they’ll ever see the light of day. I even picked up the Male Hula set, and the poses are hilarious. Just couldn’t resist for L$1! 🙂

      • I know exactly what you mean 🙂 I look at them in the context of what might work for blogging purposes, and specific scenarios. I spent an age looking at this one from Set A and that one from Set B thinking ‘what sort of group pose could I achieve from a mix n match exercise?’

        I’m not sure I ever will use them all, but rest assured if I hadn’t grabbed them for a dollar I’d be regretting it three months down the line, thinking ‘I should have grabbed that while I could’.

        Even with stories of tourists being arrested in Malaysia earlier this week for stripping off on a sacred mountain…I found myself thinking ‘can I work those police poses into that story?’

        You know…people think we just throw our blogs together without any forethought 🙂

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