Not bare down there!

Last week I asked the question as to whether I should go ‘bare down there’ on my forthcoming naturist holiday. Oddly enough, Cosmopolitan have just published a survey on men’s attitudes towards pubic hair. (via the AskMen website).

The thing is…why ask men? It’s our bodies, and we should be free to do with them as we please, not what men want us to do.

My poll has (phew!) just closed and it’s a tie…13 votes to 13.



If you’ll pardon the pun, that was a close shave! As we have a tie, we maintain the status quo. This, I offer by way of decision making, is based on long-established British law for maintenance of the status quo in the event of a tied vote. 😉

By the way, remind me not to make stupid offers to Mr.Keng and the readership after a couple of glasses of wine ever again!

I was out this morning at the hairdressers, getting my hair cut before the holiday. While my hair hangs to shoulder length, I often tie it up when on holiday. A beach can be breezy, and wrapping a bandana around it certainly keeps it from flapping around in my face. Either that, or I ponytail it.

When I got home, and decided to reflect this reality, and so I went hair shopping in SL and was thrilled to find two styles in Truth Hair’s Discount room, only L$50 each, that would replicate this holiday styling as far as bandanas are concerned.

ella su casa pink riboon_001b

ella su casa pink riboon2_001b


New hairstyles modelled at the ice-cream stand at Su Casa Naturist


I think I prefer the style in the bottom pic, so I’ll go with that in suitable photo-ops when I’m on holiday. I’m still looking for a suitable ponytail style.

And, I’m glad to say, won’t be attacking myself with a razor tonight 🙂

Pookes had claimed ‘she’d save me’ in the comments section of the related post and, indeed, it appears that it’s only her vote and mine that saw the poll tied.

It’s interesting that the Cosmo/AskMen polls kind of reflect a similar sort of divided opinion. Their polls offered more choices for answers on attitudes to female pubic hair, so there’s more variables, but as far as the ‘take it off’ and ‘keep it’ options were concerned, there was very much near-parity in men’s attitudes to it.





4 thoughts on “Not bare down there!

  1. I totes voted “Don’t Shave” for you, Ella! In fact, that’s the ONLY Bush I’ll ever vote for. Zing! #RepublicanBurn

    Regardless of what my own preference may be or anyone else’s, it’s ALL about what you prefer! The whole AskMen poll is super ridiculous too. The Internet’s “porn generation” has skewed so many expectations and opinions about what people should look like naked, it’s truly depressing to think about.

    I remember a few years ago, a girl (a former porn star, no less) appeared on the HBO show Entourage with noticeably visible pubic hair and it was “Such Scandal, Much Shocking”. But why? What does it really matter? Can’t we all be comfortable in our bodies without unwanted commentary from all and sundry?

    • That’s why I mentioned the Ask Men poll, Ever, rather than just Cosmo, which I guess is an overwhelmingly female readership. Men shouldn’t really have an input on this, it’s not all about them!

      However, it’s interesting that Cosmo should choose to re-run Ask Men’s poll, thereby (from my perspective) making some women maybe feel uncomfortable about their body choices and, putting my feminist hat on here, reinforcing ‘the patriarchy’.

      I obviously take an interest in these matters, and I recall reading a similar sort of article in which a male from ‘the porn generation’ described female body hair (all of it…underarms, legs, genital area) as ‘unnatural’! Huh????

  2. Cosmo is notoriously fake; their magazine caters strongly to the “5 Tips To Drive Him Wild In Bed” formula, but IIRC it was discovered that virtually every article is written by women with zero male input. It’s just the same recycled stuff over and over again, with the magazine equivalent of clickbait titles. Yuck!

    And it’s so sad that there are men who would see a woman’s inherent tendency to have body hair as – gasp! – anything but completely natural. Every time a media outlet determines that there’s one acceptable way for a woman to look, behave, or otherwise present herself, it’s wildly frustrating. Always three steps forward and two steps back (or sometimes the other way around).

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday!!

  3. It’s a theme I keep coming back to…that of ‘body fascism’, a beauty industry demanding that they make money by playing on people’s insecurities. The instant we -women- buy into their ideas, they change the goalposts. I shall endeavour to send you a virtual postcard from the holiday 🙂

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