The naked jogger

The place where I take my naturist holidays holds a naked run/jog/walk (depending on your age or level of fitness) each year. I’ve only been in residence to witness it once, and it usually draws a reasonable crowd of naked runners as well as a decent crowd of equally naked spectators.


One thing you will notice about the female runners is that they uniformly wear a sports bra, to stop things from bouncing around too much, and therefore causing some pain. It’s odd how blogging entries on the SL blogosphere sometimes set you off on a certain blogging path of your own. Out jogging on the roads of SL, as if clad for a naked race, is model Heather, kitted out in items recently blogged on the Second Life Freebies and more site. Each day that passes this blog becomes more and more essential reading!

Heather is wearing a sports bra available from Addams Clothing and Footwear. It’s a L$0 group gift, and comes with a colour change hud that means you can make the top any colour you like. Don’t want to think of it as a sports bra? Fine. Wear it as a cropped top. There are some other free gifts there, including a looser wearing tank top, and sunglasses too.



From the same source, I read that there are men’s vintage sneakers available from the Balkanik Gallery. Again, a free group gift (no joining fee here either). Heather reports that the medium sized fitted her female feet perfectly, thus leaving her kitted out for that naked run!

Both great items to have even if you’re not planning to be part of a naked run. I think I’ll try and pick these up myself later on today.



edited to add: I’ve just received a poster for this year’s race.

cartel carrera nudista 2015_silueta hombre_mujer copia

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