A return to replicating RL in SL (Hommage a Harry)



I saw this photo on a naturist blog and thought it very much reflected a sense of SL. If one visits, for example, the various Eden Naturopolis harbours or Blue Lagoon Marina (also part of the Eden Naturist Estate), you will get a sense of the scene photographed being very similar to what you’ll find in SL.

Harry used to do an occasional ‘SL replicates RL’ kind of post, and it’s not something we’ve repeated since he took leave of absence of Second Life. Incidentally, he continues to recover, but it’s a slow process and as far as I’m aware we cannot expect his return any time soon.

I asked Hugh, therefore, if he would do the honours of trying to replicate the scene above in an SL setting, and his photos can be seen below.

diana katja3_001b_Fotor

katja and diana_001b_Fotor

katja and diana2_001b_Fotor


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