WNBR Brighton 2015

It was the London 2015 WNBR ride yesterday, and today it’s Brighton’s turn.

Brighton, officially Brighton & Hove, is an arty, cosmopolitan city on England’s south coast, and a very gay-friendly place. I think, of all the UK’s WNBR rides, Brighton is possibly the best. Why? In my estimation, it’s because it ends on the city’s naturist beach and if the weather’s good, there’s generally a communal get together and dip on the beach. Perhaps this is a clue to how to proceed with some of the rides…tie them into naturism.

Just a reminder that Mr. & Mrs Pookes are riding in the Brighton one today, as Pookes told us in a previous post (note that the date she gave was wrong, it’s Sunday 14th June, not Saturday as she stated).

As I write, they should be an hour into the ride, an eight mile trip around Brighton’s city centre ending with a gathering at the town’s naturist beach.

I’ve been promised a report, although whether that is today or some time next week, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, here’s an HD video from last year’s Brighton ride.


A wet day for the 2013 Brighton WNBR

Today’s weather is mostly cloudy and a high of 18 degrees, so not overly warm. We’ll see how many hardy folk there were on the ride in the coming days…


Edited to add: there’s footage up on youtube already, and I’ve spotted both Mr & Mrs Pookes 😉

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