Essentials: A naturist wardrobe accessory post

pookes lace panties_001b_Fotor


I’m just in from work (don’t even ask! the traffic was gridlocked this evening!). I need….a ready meal, a bottle of wine, and SL. Time to de-stress, at last. (My other half is working tonight and I’ve got the sofa to myself).


I read Ella’s post from Spain -so jealous!- and thought the ‘I need a mini-wardrobe quick’ idea was great, particularly as I do post quite a bit on cheap but top quality bits and bobs that I’d consider ‘naturist wardrobe’.

If I pursue Ella’s idea, then I think the thing most of us, male or female, would go for as an ‘essential buy’ in the event of a lost suitcase would be panties. We’ll have travelled in a pair of pants or jeans, maybe a dress. In the event of a lost suitcase we’d be looking at undergarments as maybe the top essential purchase (after a toothbrush and, perhaps, a comb). Fortunately, the Second Life Freebies & More blog rides to the rescue, again, in the form of L$1 black lace panties which are on sale at Klepsydra. So that, at least, is us left feeling clean and fresh in the undies department.

pookes short skirt_001b_Fotor


I’d be livid at the loss of my pareos and sarongs. They’re light, serve a multitude or purpose, including a bit of a cover up if necessary. With Garishlypaintedplanes budget airlines having lost my suitcase, then, another L$1 item from Klepsydra, this delightful pink Zenaida short skirt would provide a bit of cover-up modesty while my suitcase flies back from Prague, Zanthe or wherever else they’ve mislaid it.

Lovely items, both. You’d be a fool not to avail of this incredible offer.


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